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Live Seafood Market @ Marine One Review: Budget buffet in a centralised location


Fancy a buffet dinner under $50 in the heart of the city?

If you are looking for an affordable dinner after a long day of work with colleagues at Marina Bay Financial Center, Live Seafood Buffet at Marina One is the place to go.

Opened in the latter part of 2022, Live Seafood Buffet is a spin-off from The Three Peacocks - Singapore's largest Outdoor BBQ. The concept is the opposite of the latter. Instead of cooking your own meals, this Live Seafood Buffet focus on cooked food and live station. It does provide the option of cooking your own meal with a hot pot selection.

Live Seafood Buffet took over a food court premise that once occupied the spot at Marina One - luxurious mixed development with lush landscaping and impressive architectural design.

 The seating space was open and could easily fit a big crowd. Given the space and location, it would not be surprising to see office workers coming together for a meal or a function.

The offering had changed since the early days focusing on a Japanese theme. Instead, it has been replaced with an International Buffet.

You can have a selection of fresh sashimi and Sushi.

Adding to the Seafood collection are the mussels, prawns and clams. Crabs were noticeably missing from the menu.

Each diner will get a free Piquant Snow Crab for the International Buffet.

There is also a decent selection of international delicacies on the menu. There are pulled pork, vegetables, teriyaki, Indian food and more. The number of dishes would be comparable to a buffet in a restaurant.

Kids would love the fried food selections.

The meat selection has hit and missed. The tiny burgers were great, but some meat could have been easier for our liking.

While we were there, there were few live stations. 

One of the better ones would be the Wagyu beef cooked on the spot with onions. The beef cubes were tender, juicy, and probably our favourite dish for the night.

You can cook your own hot pot for those who prefer to cook their own meals.

As for desserts, they have a wide selection of cakes, fruits and a free flow of ice cream.

Drinks such as juices, soft drinks and tea are included.

Sake and beer are available for those who want to spice up their meal.


Buffet Selections a Live Seafood Market

The number of dishes and selection were more than decent for an International Buffet. As for the food, most of what we ate was suitable for our palate. Given the price of the buffet, it does reflect on the offerings. 

Buffet Meal at Live Seafood Market

Overall it is a decent meal without burning a hole in the pocket. The modern setting and location are perfect for winding down after work if you are in the vicinity.

Live Seafood Market by The Three Peacocks

Prices start from $42.90 ++ Per fax for a buffet dinner. This makes it an affordable option compared to other similar outlets in town. 

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