McDonald's Kr BTS Collab BT21 Figures: Will the rest of the world get one?

 BTS Fans will be heading to McDonald's Korea on 23 Feb.

Announced on McDonald's Korea Instagram, a limited set of BT21 figures will be on sale from 23 Feb for a  limited time.

These sets are available with any burger set menu. Each BT21 figure unit costs 5,900 won and the collector kit with 7 figures costs 45,000 won.

Source: McDonald's Korea

If you are in Seoul or any part of Korea, you must head down to Mcdonald's to grab these. The BT21 Collector's Kit is only available at the counter in-store and is limited to 1 per person. 

Will these come to Singapore or any other parts of the world?

PS: Can't get enough of BTS? 

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