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Thanks Nature Cafe Review : Sheep Cafe in Hongae

HungryWackyEats goes to Seoul!

Seoul has plenty of animal cafes. From dogs to cats and meerkats, animal cafes can be found in different parts of Seoul. There is only one unique animal cafe that has something different!

Thanks Nature Cafe

Located in Hongdae, Thanks Nature Cafe is different from your typical animal cafe. Instead of the usual creatures, there are sheep in the cafe.

The concept is different from a regular animal cafe, where you may see the animals roaming inside the cafe. Thanks, Nature Cafe is similar to a typical cafe, but it has an outdoor area with 2 sheep in a fenced-up area. The cafe has full door-to-window glass panels, so if you choose the right seat, you can view the sheep while you have a meal. The cafe is located at the basement, so you might miss it if you do not spot the signage for it.

Interactions with the sheep are only reserved for guests. That means you would have to order a meal before meeting the sheep. Like most restaurants, orders are done at the kiosk near the entrance.

The popular dishes are the Waffles. We ordered that and a few other sides. The Waffles prices are on the higher side compared to the usual food prices in Seoul. An average of 13,000 won is almost 30% more than the usual 10,000 won meals you would find elsewhere. As for the taste, it could be more spectacular compared to the sight of the sheep.

There are other options on the menu too.

Talking about sheep, the cafe's interior is adorned with sheep accessories.

You could see these sheep references from paintings on the walls to sheep plushies.

After the meal, we spend a few minutes with the sheep. The sheep are pretty tame and petting is allowed. We had read that the owners have a farm connection and would either rotate the sheep or send them back to the farm during summer. While we cannot vouch for that, it would be great if it is true.

One more thing, public toilets are hard to find in Hongdae, with most of the toilets located in cafes or restaurants. Thanks, Nature Cafe has access to the public Bathroom, so we do recommend you using it when you are there!


If you are in Hongdae and want to explore something unique, Thanks Nature Cafe could be on your list. The food would not be the main draw, but if you are a sheep lover or just want to chill, this is a good place to be in.


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We acknowledge that animal cafes may not be everyone's cup of tea. Cafes may not be the best environment to have animals roaming around. The review is made for informative purpose only.

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