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15 Cool Things to buy from Lazada

 Online shopping is now the norm for most.

While getting essentials from online platforms such as Lazada, we spotted some interesting items while browsing. Here are 20 coolest items you never know you need but still want to buy at Lazada. Great for own use or as a gift!

1 R2D2 Hand Coffee Maker ($99.11)

Save this for Father's day or Dad's birthday if he is a Star Wars fan. Guaranteed to surprise him!

Get it here https://c.lazada.sg/t/c.YPI9wk

2 LED Note Board ( $5.90 )

Write a message to your little ones on this LED Note board. It can also double up as a night light. Messages can be rewritten too.

Get it here https://c.lazada.sg/t/c.YPIisB

3 Pikachu Inflatable Costume ( $37.33 )

Want to be the star of kids party or need a Halloween costume, these Pikachu cosplay will surely be a hit!

Get it here https://c.lazada.sg/t/c.YPIiHZ

4 Flying Ball Spinner ( $6.2

 )Control the flying ball with your hands. Do neat tricks to impress your folks.

Get it here https://c.lazada.sg/t/c.YPI9wf

5 Newtown pendulum ( $8.34 ) 

A body in motion tends to stay in motion unless acted on by an outside force-Issac Newton

Using this law, the pendulum ball will be in perpetual motion with this stress reliever. Comes with LED lights

Get yours at https://c.lazada.sg/t/c.YPIisF

6 Drinkaid - Hangover Relief ($75.3)

Planning on nights out and anticipate several rounds of drinks?

Pop these to reduce the hangover effect. These 'miracle' pills are even featured in Straits Times. There are over 280 positive reviews on Lazada, so it must be useful judging from the response.

Get it here https://c.lazada.sg/t/c.YPIj72

7 Portable Juice Blender

Need juice while on the road?

This portable juice blender is your answer. It is wireless and great for offices or gyms. Have your smoothie or milkshake on the go and save on drinks!

Get it here https://c.lazada.sg/t/c.YPIiHd

8 Smart Switch ($18.80)

Convert any switch to a Smart Switch with Fingerbot Plus. Now you can turn on any switch with voice control or via an app. supports most switches.

Get it here https://c.lazada.sg/t/c.YPI9wQ

9 Portable Neck Air Con ( $53 )

Need to cool down fast and save money on the electricity bill. This Neck Fan/Air Con from Jisulife is your answer to air con on the go.

Get it here https://c.lazada.sg/t/c.YPIj78

10 Portable Electric Kettle ( $27.62)

What is better than a thermal flask? How about a portable kettle?

This is great for travelling, parents with young kids or even those who need a cuppa and wish to avoid boiling a whole kettle of water. 

Get it here https://c.lazada.sg/t/c.YPIj7j

11 Acrylic Displays for bags ( $20.71)

Big-capacity acrylic displays for your bags or even your toys. Comes with magnetic lids for easy storage

Get it here https://c.lazada.sg/t/c.YPIiH4

12 Flag Erasers ($8.9)

Want your child to memorise flags around the world. These old-school flag erasers will do the trick.

Get it here https://c.lazada.sg/t/c.YPIiH4

13 Lifelike cockroaches  ($2.93)

This life-like cockroach will up your prank game. Also keeps, pets like cats entertain for hours!

Get it here https://c.lazada.sg/t/c.YPIiHe

14  Tricycle ($209)

Fetching your child to school. How about going environmentally friendly with this Tricycle. Comes with a plush seat for passengers, this would make a cool transport to bring a child to a school close to home.

Get it here https://c.lazada.sg/t/c.YPIl8J

15 Medival Apple Watch Display

Need somewhere to display your watch. This watch display featuring a knight will add more weight to the watch. You can display normal watches on it. If you have an Apple Watch, you can also plug in the power pluck and charge it simultaneously!

Get it here https://c.lazada.sg/t/c.YPI9wp

There you go, 15 cool stuff to get from Lazada. Which is your favourite?

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