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Kinnari Thai @ Joo Chiat :Quality Thai Food

Quality Thai Food.

These words kept pouring out from the wife while we were at Kinnari Thai. If you are looking for quality Thai food at an inexpensive price, Kinnari Thai @ Joo Chiat will be the place to go.

We had always wanted to try this restaurant but were apprehensive about the cost. Housed in a row of black and white shophouses, the restaurant takes up 2 units on this stretch of shophouses that houses an eccentric mix of diners and food massagers.  From the outside, it has the appearance of an upmarket dining spot. 

Interior@ Kinnari Thai

Stepped inside, and the vibes changed from upmarket to casual chic. Clad in green hues with wooden tables and chair, this gives a laid-back vibe. If you are coming for the weekend, make a reservation or come early. Although it is bigger than most restaurants on this stretch of the road, it reaches full capacity by 7 pm.

Menu @ Kinnari Thai

 A quick glance at the menu, and we knew that this would be the right place to eat for our budget. Prices are priced reasonable. A service charge of 10% is not added to the price, but GST is already included. 

Here's what we had for the evening

Prawn Cake ($8)

Prawan Cake @ Kinnari Thai

Two chunky prawn cakes to start off the meal. They were huge and crispy, perfect with the sweet chilli that comes along with it.

Panang Curry with chicken ($15)

Panang Curry @ Kinnari Thai

This is like rendang but less thick. We decided to try this rather than the usual green curry. While the Panang Curry was addictive, the meat portion was lacking. 

Kor Moo Yang - Thai Grilled Pork Collar ( $15)

Kor Moo Yang @ Kinnari Thai

This has to be one of the better-grilled pork collars we tried. The cooked and fatty meat was perfectly balanced. We wanted to try the pork belly, but it ran out for the evening. The Thai grilled pork collar was more than a decent replacement.

Grilled Chicken Thigh ($10)

Grilled Chicken Thigh @ Kinnari Thai

The chicken thigh was much bigger than we thought,t as it comes with a drumstick and thigh. The skin was crispy, and the meat was tender and not dry. 

Mango Sticky Rice ($10)

Mango Sticky Rice @ Kinnari Thai

Joo Chiat Road needs a more decent dessert place. It is good that the restaurant serves up dessert too. This Mango Sticky Rice is a must-try for the excellent sticky rise.

Lemon Grass Drink ($3.5)

LemonGrass @ Kinnari Thai

Our favourite Thai drink to go with all these delicious food!


Kinnari Thai

The food here is exquisite. We could tell the difference in quality in terms of taste and texture. 

Given the price and delectable food, seeing a full house so early in the evening is no surprise. If you are in Joo Chiat for Thai food, this is the place to go.

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