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Kopitiam Signature Breakfast Set increased by 66.6% in one year


McDonald's, hold my beer...

A few weeks ago, we highlighted the high price increase of McDonald's burgers by as much as 16% since 2023. While a price increase is expected due to a 1% increase in GST, inflation, and rising wages,  an increase of more than 50% will surely raise a few eyebrows.

A patron of Kopitiam had hinted that it may be happening at Koptiam on Singapore Heritage Food Facebook group . The Signature Breakfast set is on promo from 7am -11am. Less than 6 months ago, the price was $1.8. Today, it is at $3. A whopping 66.6% increase.

Here are the before and after prices.

For NTUC members, the price increased from $1.80 to $3 (66.6% increase)

For the Public, the price increased from $2.5 to $3.5 (40% increase)

Before going into a frenzy, let's step back and see what you will get for the Signature Breakfast Set.

  • Kopitiam Signature Blend
  • Traditional wholemeal crispy toast with kaya and butter
  • Two soft-boiled eggs.
Prices for eggs have soared for the past year. In some instances, it has been doubled. The raw cost for this would be close to a dollar or more. A cup of Kopi could easily cost $1.5 now. Add manpower and rental costs; the base fee would be over $2. Maintaining a rate of $1.80 would be almost impossible in today's environment.

Source: Kopitiam

Furthermore, there is a cheaper alternative if you get your fix from Coffee Shop rather than Food Court. Prices are higher than 2022, but it is a more reasonable $2.2 for NTUC member card and $2.8 for public. Details are available here.

While it is easy to pin it down on greed, the reality is that the cost of living has been soaring since the start of the year. Moreover, it was probably underprice back in 2022. Nonetheless, if it continues, the Signature Breakfast set could be $5 by next year.

Will we live with it, or will it overwhelm us?

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