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Lazarus Island Tiny House Staycation : Who is is it for?


Want a different staycation?

Take a short 15-minute boat ride from Sentosa Jetty@Cove, and you will be transported to a new world in the Southern Islands.

From Apr 2023, Tiny Away Escape @ Lazarus Island, operated by Big Tiny, will have five 'tiny houses' where you can access 128 hectares of the natural landscape to explore on connected islands of Seringat, Lazarus, St John's and Kias. 

Credit: Sentosa Development Corporation

These houses are the first accommodation on Lazarus and will measure between 150 sqft to 170 sqft. Solar energy will be the main power source and be made of sustainable composite building materials.

Credit: Big Tiny Pte Ltd

Before you head down, note that there is probably little to do there besides the houses, bicycle rentals and wild surroundings. There will be a convenience store, overnight glamping experiences and non-motorised water activities, but it will be only introduced in phases around June 2023.

So who should go on this Staycation?

For those who are finding a unique way to propose

Credit : Big Tiny Pte Ltd

This will be a romantic setting. Imagine proposing under the stars without any distractions. This will be 'Let's BTO' anytime.

For those who want their children to go Cold Turkey from electronics

Credit : Big Tiny Pte Ltd

Children nowadays are either on phones or computers 24/7. This is the perfect opportunity to put the gadgets behind you and explore the big outdoors.  Take a trek to St John's Island to explore flora and fauna. Walk along the coastline of Lazarus Beach to check out Marine Life.

For fans of Single Inferno

Singles Inferno- Lazarus Island Edition (Credit : Big Tiny Pte Ltd)

Ever wonder what life will be like on a deserted island ala Single Inferno. Go with many single friends and recreate Single Inferno on Lazarus Island. While there are no luxurious hotels if you win any challenge, at least this is a great chance to know each other better away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

For those who want a Wedding by the Sea

The Glasshouse @ Lazarus Island (Credit: Sentosa Development Corporation)

The Glasshouse is the perfect location for those who want a wedding by the sea. It is an air-conditioned multipurpose space that faces the sea. 

Credit: Sentosa Development Corporation

You can book this spot for a wedding and stay overnight at the Tiny Houses.

Credit: Sentosa Development Corporation

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