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McGriddles is coming back! (?)

March 2nd - Mark your calendar.

McGriddles may make a return to Singapore. If you know, you know...

Source: McDonald's Facebook Page

Following an encrypted message on McDonald's Facebook Page, we have reasons to believe that McGriddles will be back to our shore. The last time it returned on June 2022; it was a hit with many.

Who could resist this hearty breakfast of sausage or chicken with melted cheese and egg in a syrup-soaked bun between sweet and savoury?

While we can't be 100% sure, a quick look at the photos shows the similarities that make us 99.99% sure that it will be McGriddbles marking its return to Singapore.

The last time it was here, it cost $6.70 per burger. With the rising inflation and GST, it may cost $7.50 now. Let's hope we are wrong and the price stays the same!

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