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1 Year T-Bill subscription is now open.

 Looking for higher interest rates?

If you are looking for an alternative to Fixed Deposit, the 1 year T bills will be the one to look out for. 

Unlike the 6-month T bills, available twice monthly, the 1-year T bills are only available once every quarter. The first offering in January resulted in a yield of 3.87%.  This auction date for this 1 year T bill will be on 26 April, and the Maturity Date on 31 Oct 2023.

Want to find out more about T bills? Check out our  How to Invest in T Bills Guide .

How Much should I bid?

The last 6 months' T bills closed at 3.75%. Fixed deposit for 1 year is hovering around 3.8-3.9%. Based on these, the 1 year T bill range would be around 3.7-3.95%

Who would subscribe to 1 year T-bills

For those who prefer an alternative to Fixed Deposit

Fixed deposit for a year has been comparable rate to 1-year T-bill rates. However, there will be those looking to diversify due to the credit rating of T bills.

For those with a smaller amount to place for the long term

The quantum is usually large to get the highest tier in fixed deposit. T-bills offer the same interest regardless of amount, so those starting with $1,000 would benefit from the higher rates.

For those looking for higher returns for CPF Ordinary Account

CPF Ordinary Account is only paying 2.5%. There is a good chance of at least another 1% if one invests in T bills. Do note that you may lose up to 2 months interest as CPF does not refund interest if you hold the funds in CPF for less than a month.

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