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Love the Last March @ Gardens by the Bay Review


We were in awe when we saw photos of 'Love the Last March' at Gardens by the Bay.

Crafted by Gillie and Marc, it will feature life-sized marching endangered animals for the exhibition.

This will feature 45 of the world's most endangered species marching together to save the animal kingdom.  This public exhibition will be home at Gardens by the Bay from 19 May 2023 to 18 May 2024!

Credit: Love the Last March

These bronze sculptures will be lined up in a line stretching 192 meters long. If you can run as fast as our sprint queen, you can see the whole lot in 22 seconds. 

It may take a while longer, as this exhibition is meant to be interactive. Each animal has a QR code which visitors can scan and learn about its behaviour, what it likes to eat and why it is threatened.

We spotted a few of them in the Gardens. They have yet lined up, so the best time to go would be on May 19. They will be located near the Floral Clock, which is between the Flower Dome and the entrance to the Supertrees.

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