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Osulloc Tea House Bukchon Review: The Perfect Tea in Seoul


If you are looking for Tea in Seoul, you should go for the best in town.

Osulloc Tea is the most famous tea brand from South Korea. It is a traditional Korean tea manufacturer with plantations on Jeju Island. It's famous for its premium green tea leaves, and the tea houses are usually set in an urban environment.

Osulloc Tea House

Osulloc Tea House Bukchon

Osulloc Tea House in Bukchon is a three-storey detached house that is modern and minimalist in outlook. It stands out amidst the traditional hanok houses found preserved in Bukchon. Nestled steps away from the famed Bukchon Hanok Village, Osulloc Tea House is a good place to stop and sip while exploring the ancient village.

Osulloc Tea House Bukchon

The Osulloc Tea House Bukchon is divided into three main zones. The First floor is a minimalist shop selling the famed Osulloc Tea.

Osulloc Tea House Shop

If you are a tea lover, you should get some here as it is cheaper than getting from Singapore.

Osulloc Tea House Shop 

The second floor is the cafe, and a bar/lounge is on the third.

Osulloc Tea House Bukchon Interior

We opted for a seat outdoors to enjoy the view of the surroundings.

Osulloc Tea House Bukchon Outdoor


The Menu

Osulloc Tea House Bukchon Menu

The main item on the menu would be tea. You have a choice of Pure Tea, Blended Tea, Herbal Tea, O Fredo, Cocktail, Tea  Food and Bukchon Signature. We opted for Pure Tea and O Fredo for our drinks. 

Green Tea O Fredo & Samdayeon Jeju Tangerine

Osulloc Green Tea

The Green Tea O Fredo is Osulloc's iconic sweet greet tea shake topped with green tea ice cream. It's sweet but full of flavour. The Green Tea flavour is distinguishable with every bite.

Osulloc Samdayeon Jeju Tangerine

The Samdayeon Jeju Tangerine is a post-fermented tea with a refreshing Jeje cedar tangerine flavour. It's refreshing with a taste that is unique to Osulloc Tea House. The tea also comes with an hourglass that will help you time the right time for the perfect cup of tea. It was so good that wedecided to get a few packets from the shop.

Tea Food

Osulloc Green Tea Roll Cake and Green Tea cheesecake

While we did not order any tea food, the green tea roll cake and the classic green tea cheesecake look great. You can also opt for Bukchon Signature, such as the Rice Dessert and dipping sauce, to complete your meal.

Osulloc Bukchon Signature


If you google Osulloc Tea House Seoul, another outlet - Osulloc Tea House MMCA near Gyeongbokgung Palace will pop up. Osulloc Tea House at Bukchon has fewer reviews and seems to be underrated. Located away from the main road and behind a Hanok, it could easily be missed. 

 Bukchon Hanok Village

This hidden gem is worth visiting, especially if you are exploring Bukchon Hanok Village for the ambience and the tea. Add this teahouse to the list of places to visit when you are in Bukchon!

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