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Seoul Yummy Kallang Wave Mall Review

Headed to a mall this time around. 

After trips to restaurants found in old shophouses or run-down places, we decided to try a mall instead. This time around, we headed to Seoul Yummy at Kallang Wave Mall for a meal.

The last time we had Korean food was during our holiday in Seoul. Thus, expectations are high. With a name like Seoul Yummy, the bar was set even higher before we even step into the place.

Seoul Yummy @ Kallang Wave Mall is an open-concept restaurant. The place is not very big, with a seating capacity of about 30 pax. No reservations were made, so we had to wait. Thankfully the wait was not too long.

The food.

Our choice for the evening was the Daebak combo. With 2 mouths to feed, this was the best way to savour Korean food with a wide selection of dishes. It is priced at $52.80 and comes with Appetiser, 2 mains, 1 meat and 2 Ice Lemon Tea.

As with most Korean restaurants, Banchan was served as an appetizer. They are small size dishes usually served with the main course in Korean restaurants. There were four side dishes, but they were forgettable. The kimchi lacks the punch compared to the ones we had in Korea.

BBQ Pork Belly
To kick off our meal, we decided to try the BBQ Pork Belly as an appetizer. Although sauce was provided to enhance the flavour, we were slightly disappointed as the meat didn't turn out as tender as we had anticipated. However, considering all the dishes we tried that evening, it still ranked among the better options on the menu.   

BBQ Ribeye Bulogi

Unfortunately, the BBQ Ribeye Bulogi left much to be desired. The meat turned out dry and tough, falling short of our expectations. In fact, it resembled the kind of dish we would prepare at home for ourselves, and we don't consider our own cooking skills to be exceptional.


Hotstone Bimbimba (Spicy Chicken)

Bibimbap is a traditional Korean rice bowl packed with various vegetables and meat. For this dish, we choose the Spicy Chicken version. The dish was palatable, and the portion was generous, ensuring that everyone got their fill.

Span and Cheese Mini Army Stew

Army Stew, a Korean jjigae dish, is crafted with ingredients like ham, spam, instant noodles, kimchi, and gochujang. This particular rendition resembles maggie mee, with the notable addition of tangy kimchi flavours. Once more, it arrives in a generous serving, making it ideal for sharing between two diners.

Before we give the verdict, we have a confession to make. Being scorpions, the dining ambience counts as much as the food. The food may be great, but if the ambience does not keep up, it will affect our overall experience.

Dining in an open-concept restaurant does take away some marks for ambience. While eating, you could hear the conversations from within and outside the restaurants. As for the food, the portions are great, but it lack the Korean authentic taste. It is more of quantity over quality. If we are really hungry, we could come here every day. If we would like a better dining experience, many other choices exist.


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