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Asia's Tallest Slingshot @ Clarke Quay


Asia's tallest slingshot, located at Singapore's iconic Clarke Quay, launched on 19 June.

Offering a thrilling experience to adventure enthusiasts. This adrenaline-pumping ride propels riders 70 meters high at speeds of 160 km per hour, defying gravity and creating lasting memories.

Designed to simulate a volcanic eruption, the Slingshot's platform tilts the two-seater gondola into a reclined position and plunges riders into the heart of the 'volcano.' Then, with a force of up to 4G, it shoots them towards the sky. Standing at a towering 54 meters, equivalent to about 16 storeys, the inclined structures of the Slingshot make it the tallest in Asia, providing riders with breathtaking views of Singapore's skyline.

Image Source: Slingshot Singapore

Safety is paramount, and the Slingshot boasts a revolutionary system equipped with cutting-edge technology. Its propulsion power relies on a robust mechanism with nearly 200 springs and two sets of steel wire cables, ensuring dual redundancy and surpassing the safety, height, and speed of the previous bungee cord-driven GMAX ride at the same location.

Image Source: Slingshot Singapore

Riders can also purchase a video recording of their experience to share with loved ones and relive the thrilling moment.

Image Source: Slingshot Singapore

Tickets for the Slingshot are priced at S$45 for adults and S$35 for students aged 18 and below. Operating hours are from 4.30pm to 11.30pm daily, and riders must be at least 125cm tall to participate.

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