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Bedok Reservoir Park : Running Route

Time for another run.

We headed to Bedok Reservoir for another run.

Getting There

Bedok Reservoir running route is a loop around the reservoir. The starting point for us will be at Wawawa restaurant. If you are driving, you can opt to park at Bedok Reservoir Carpark A. Parking is free from 630am to 830am. You could also take the MRT as Bedok Reservoir MRT is just located nearby.

There are two tracks at Bedok Connector. 

One is a normal road path connecting to Bedok Park Connector. We took the path along the reservoir. Interestingly, this path is sandy. Running on it feels like running on the beach.

The Run

The whole loop is around 4 km long. Not too daunting and would be a good distance for a jog. 

The first thing you would notice is the rows of waterfront-facing condos. You have the Waterfront Key, Waterfront Waves and Waterfront Gold lining on the whole stretch of one side of the Reservoir. We could only imagine the residents having a serene view of the reservoir daily.

Dragon Boaters can be seen here practising. 

It's interesting to note that CCTVs are planted around the water in case you ran out of course.

We turned right for our run, and soon you would encounter an obstacle course.

This is the Forest Adventure Park. It's a good place for both kids and adults to hone their adventurous side.

There is also a zipline that follows the reservoir circumference.

Along the way, you could also see wave boarders riding the wakes.

Do you know you are allowed to fish in the reservoir?

You will reach the new HomeTeam NS Bedok Reservoir clubhouse at the halfway mark. There is Burger King and 7-Eleven if you need a break from the run.

Continue onwards, and you will reach The platform @ Bedok Reservoir Park

This is where you can see the sunrise. Take a slow walk around it, or sit at the benches to take in the surroundings.

The green space opposite has an exercise station, a playground and a place for bird singing.

Interestingly, this sand quarry was converted into a green space.

Sand Quarry still exists around the reservoir. You can spot the Tampines Quarry opposite.

From here, you could complete your run straight ahead, or you could make a turn towards the playing corridor, and it will lead you to the start of the Siglap Connector that will lead you through to East Coast Park. This path also leads to the HDB flats, where you can find Reservoir Village.

We are almost coming to an end. 

If you need a toilet break, one is just near the end.

We are right back where we started. You could have a meal at Wawawa, depending on the time of your run.

If you have kids, they might enjoy a quick run at Bedok Reservoir playground.

Occasionally, you will also see groups exercising or practising their trade.

Best Time to run

Early morning and early evening would be the best time to run. There is a lack of shade, and a run at noon time could be quite taxing. 

Looking for more places to run? 

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