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Gashapon Bandai NEX : First Official Store in Singapore


Gashapon from Bandai has landed in Singapore.

The 1st official Gashapon store by Bandai opens in NEX.

Gashapon is used for vending machines dispensing capsule toys and the toys themselves. It was first popularised in Japan, and the craze has hit worldwide. The toys inside are from Bandai. 

Bandai's Gashapon is known to provide high-quality toys. Some of them are from popular animes.

The fun thing about Gashapon is that each machine has a selection of toys. The catch is that you will never know what you are getting until you open the capsule after you purchase them.

At the NEX store, you have a variety of Gasahpon toys.

They are categorised as Game, Cute and Collectable.

We even found our favourite Gundam toys in the stores.

The prices for each Gasaphon range from $6 to $10 or more, depending on the toy selected. You would have to change for tokens to use in the machine. Each token costs $2.

Gashapon Bandai NEX
23 Serangoon Cenral, #03-31
Singaproe 556083

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