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Swee Choon Tim Sum : Old School Dim Sum


Swee Choon Tim Sum is one of Singapore's oldest Dim Sum restaurants.

Swee Choon Tim Sum

Opened in 1962, it offers homemade dim sum at an affordable price with a wide variety.

Swee Choon Tim Sum is a popular restaurant that started from a single shopfront and has now expanded to occupy the entire frontage of a building on the first level. The expansion includes five connected shops, each with a separate dining space.

One of the highlights of Swee Choon Tim Sum is its wide assortment of dim sum. Whether you prefer steamed, fried, or baked options, the restaurant offers a variety of freshly made dim sum dishes. The charm of the restaurant lies in its decor, which may appear to be stuck in time but adds to the overall nostalgic atmosphere. If you appreciate traditional food served in an old school setting, Swee Choon Tim Sum is a place worth visiting.

Nightowls will also be delighted to know that Swee Choon Tim Sum opens late daily. Those looking for supper will find this place worth a visit. Be warned though, there could be a queue regardless of the time as it is a very popular restaurant. 

When you are there, scan the QR code to book a table and wait for your number to be called out.

What we Ate

Siew Mai ( $2.60)

Being freshly made, the Siew Mai is warm but ordinary. From what we know, prices have increased by quite a bit from last year, so it would be good to have chunkier bits to reflect that.

Har Kow ($3.20)

Interestingly, Siew Mai and Har Kow come in pairs rather than in threes. Still for the prices it is still lower than what you get in other restaurants.

Steam Pork Ribs ($4.80)

Siew Mai, Har Kow and Steam Pork Ribs are standard fares here.

Swee Choon Steamd Chicken w/Egg ($3)

This is a unique dish for us. This is the first time we are trying this dish.

Layer Pancake with Egg & Pork Floss ($5)

$5 for a portion of 8. Good value for money.

Sliced Duck in Crispy Spring Onion ($3.80)

This is delightful. The fried items are really crunchy at Swee Choon.

Shanghai Xiao Long Bao ( $5.2)

This could not rival the famed Xiao Long Bao of Ding Tai Fung, but for the price, it is decent for the taste. 

Crispy Pork Ribs with Salt and Pepper ($10)

This is the priciest dish for the meal. Tastewise, it is deliciously fried. The portions could have been bigger for the price.

Beancurd Prawn Roll ($3.60)

The beancurd is fried to perfection, and the fillings were decent. One of the better dishes for the night.

Red Bean Paste Pancake ($4.80)

The Red Bean Paste Pancake was crispy, and you could taste the fillings.

Chilled Coconut Pudding ($5.5)

This was the first time we tried Coconut pudding, and we loved it!

Remember to scrap off the coconut flesh. The one we had was easily peeled and very fresh.

Ju Pu ($2)

The wife said that this tea is difficult to find in restaurants. It is good that they refill it too.


We missed the in-house speciality Mee-Suah Kueh for our review. No matter, there are still plenty of options we have yet to try for the last visit. There are hits and misses, but for the old-school atmosphere and decent pricing, we could come back again.

@the.wacky.duo We had Dim Sum at On of Singapore’s oldest and cheapest Dim Sum at Swee Choon Tim Sum- Jalan Besar. #sgfood #dimsum #sweechoontimsum #tiktoksg #tiktokfood ♬ 有点甜(慕初音创作的原声) - 慕初音&池也

If you want affordable dim sum with a wide variety to choose from, Swee Choon will be one of the places on your list. 

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