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Unique Singapore Corporate Gifts Ideas

Singapore is a melting pot.

Whether you are in a multinational corporation or a quaint little company, one thing is certain: local and international employees or customers are inevitable. Finding the perfect corporate gift for your hardworking staff can be daunting.

We understand the challenge and have curated a delightful list of eight distinctive and unforgettable gifts sprinkled with a dash of local flair. These offerings will surely bring a smile to the faces of the locals as they revel in the familiar themes while giving international employees an authentic taste of Singapore. From whimsical and offbeat to refined and practical, our personal renditions of Singapore Corporate Gifts are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

Singapore Swag Bags

Gift Description: Introducing the Singapore Swag Bag, a delightful ensemble of Singapore-themed goodies. This swag bag includes a stylish tote bag with a Slingish theme, a sleek notepad, and a handy tumbler infused with local humour.

Best Suited for: The employee who appreciates style and a touch of Singaporean wit. Best for those in Marketing.

What Makes it Unique: This swag bag combines a collection of functional and fashionable items, each reflecting a unique aspect of Singapore. From the versatile tote bag for everyday use to the elegant notepad that adds a touch of sophistication, this gift encapsulates the spirit of Singapore in a practical and trendy package.

Peranakan-inspired Batik Notebook

Gift Description: Design a notebook with intricate Peranakan-inspired batik patterns on its cover. It's perfect for jotting down notes, ideas, or even sketching.

Best Suited for: The creative and artistic employee who appreciates the beauty of traditional Peranakan culture. If you are working in the cultural industry, this is for you.

What Makes it Unique: The fusion of Peranakan batik and a functional notebook makes this gift an accurate representation of Singapore's vibrant heritage.

Hainanese Chicken Rice Kit

Gift Description: This all-in-one kit contains the key ingredients to prepare an authentic plate of Hainanese chicken rice, one of Singapore's most beloved dishes. It includes rice, chicken broth, sauces, and step-by-step instructions.

Best Suited for: The food enthusiast who loves experimenting in the kitchen. Best for those in the F&B industry.

What Makes it Unique: It allows your employees to taste Singapore's culinary delights and try their hand at creating a local dish.

Merlion Desk Organizer

Merlion Desktpop Organizer

Gift Description: This elegant Merlion-shaped desk organizer is a practical yet whimsical addition to any workspace. It features compartments for holding pens and paper clips.

Best Suited for: The organized employee who takes pride in tidying their workspace. Great for managers.

What Makes it Unique: The iconic Merlion, a symbol of Singapore, adds a touch of local charm to this functional gift.

Singapore Landmarks-Inspired Scented Candle:

Gift Description: This scented candle captures the essence of Singapore's famous landmarks around the island. Get a whiff of the essence of Gardens by the Bay, a scent of Jewel or a luxurious breath of MBS.

Best Suited for: The employee who enjoys a relaxing atmosphere and a touch of luxury. Those in the hotel and spa industry will appreciate this.

What Makes it Unique: The customized scent inspired by Singapore landmarks takes them on a sensory journey throughout Singapore.

Singapore Skyline Puzzle

Gift Description: This captivating puzzle features a panoramic view of Singapore's iconic skyline. Its detailed design provides a challenging and enjoyable activity for employees to unwind and relax.

Best Suited for: The puzzle enthusiast or anyone looking for a break from work. Great for bankers and lawyers who see this skyline view from their offices.

What Makes it Unique: It celebrates Singapore's modern architecture and allows your employees to piece together their own version of the cityscape.

Singapore Food Trail Cookbook

Gift Description: This cookbook showcases a collection of recipes from Singapore's diverse culinary heritage, including local hawker favourites. It's a culinary journey that your employees can embark on in their own kitchens.

Best Suited for: The food lover who enjoys exploring different cuisines. Another one for the F&B industry.

What Makes it Unique: It allows your employees to recreate the flavours of Singapore and discover new dishes inspired by the country's multicultural heritage.

Singaporean Art

Gift Description: Get artworks that capture the images of Singapore. These artworks with a unique perspective will look good on any wall.

Best Suited for: The employee who loves a reminder of where they reside. For those involved in Arts, this would be the best gift.

What Makes it Unique: International Employees can take this back to their home country and be reminded of where they once worked. Locals would love the familiar sights hanging on the walls.

With these exceptional corporate gift ideas, you can wow your valued employees with distinctive and sophisticated gifts. Each gift represents a slice of Singapore's rich culture and heritage, from the whimsical Merlion desk organizer to the mouthwathering Hainanese chicken rice kit. 

Whether it's through the delicious local dishes recipes or the intricate patterns of Peranakan art, these gifts provide a unique Singaporean flavour that will leave a lasting impression. If you want to make yourself an interesting corporate gift, one of the places to do so will be at DC9 Gifts Pte Ltd.  So, go ahead and select the perfect gift for each employee, tailored to their interests and personalities. By offering these remarkable gifts, you'll show your appreciation and create a sense of connection and pride in the vibrant tapestry of Singapore.

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