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Two Scandals in Singapore and the memes that follows


How many times will you get 2 scandals a day relating to Singapore political parties?

Both scandals are related to the affair, and it happened to the 2 biggest political parties in Singapore. While one is confirmed, the other is still under investigation.

As you know, we are apolitical. We are not going to comment on what happened, but that does not stop us from sharing what the rest of Singapore is thinking through these memes. Here is a snippet of what Singaporeans really think about these scandals.

For News Agencies

Public Opinion

National Day Planning Committee

A bonus one relates to National Day Parade, which is just a few weeks away. There will be a few empty seats at the grandstand on that day!

As much as these memes are tongue-in-cheek, there may be others that are unwarranted. 
Some sites are posting photos of spouses and children. That is crossing the line. 

It has been an exciting day in Singapore for the wrong reason. Let's hope we do not see any more of these fireworks anymore!

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