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CASETiFY Spiderman Collection Review

Introducing CASETiFY's debut Marvel Collection.

The first to arrive would be the familiar duo, Spider-man and Venom.

We got our hands on the iconic Spider-Man's legendary mask phone cover and will be slinging out a review.

Spider-Man Mask Case

The Limited edition Spider-Man mask case is available for selected iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel phones. This means that even if you have an older model phone, there will still be a chance to get one. 

For the iPhone version, there are 6 different case settings 

  • Bounce Case MagSage Compatible
  • Ultra Impact Case Magsafe
  • Impact Case MagSafe Compatible
  • Clear case MagSafe Compatible
  • Mirror Case MagSafe Compatible
  • Ultra Compact Case
  • Impact Case

Prices start from $68 for an Impact case to $94 for the Bounce Case.

Impact Case MagSafe Compatible

While this case may not offer the strongest protection in terms of weight and build, it is sturdy enough with its all-round protection.

The textured surface of the back case provides a secure grip. With this particular model, you have the advantage of Spidey Eyes that allow you to see through and catch a glimpse of the Magsafe Magnet. When it comes to Magsafe functionality, this case boasts one of the most exceptional magnets available in the market.

MagSafe Compatable

Overall, it is a pretty impressive case. With the unmistakable Spider-Man Mask on the back of the phone, it would easily be a standout in the crowd.

Snappy Leather Wallet - Venom Magsafe Wallet

To complement the case, This wallet is made of premium leather, and you could carry a card or two with it. Snap it onto the Phone, and you are good to go. With this combination, you are good to swing out for a night in town.

If you are a true blue Spidey fan, you should indulge yourself with more tech wears. 

There are compatible accessors for Airpod, Airpods Pro, Airpods Max, AirTags, Apple Watch bands, wireless chargers, MagSafe Wallets, Magsafe Battery Pack cases, Phone Straps, MacBook and IPad.

Check out the whole collection here.

TWD was provided with a set for review. All views expressed are our own. 

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