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Mihan Jiaoxi - Surf and Turf Lobster Hotpot Review

Have you ever tried lobster hotpot? 

Most of us are familiar with the usual hotpot, filled with vegetables, meat, and sometimes seafood like prawns and fish. But lobster hotpot is a rare and luxurious treat, not commonly found, not even at Haidilao in Singapore.

During our stay at Wellspring by Silks in Hualian, we couldn't resist trying the Lobster Hotpot, also known as the Surf and Turf Hotpot set, at Jiaoxi Mihan.

The food is reasonably priced, starting from just NT1480 per person, and the Japanese-inspired Hotpot set includes the following items:

Mihan Salad Bar

Free Flow Salad Bar

Start your meal with a free-flow salad bar.

Lobster and Assorted Seafood

 Undoubtedly the highlight of the meal. Each person gets half a portion of lobster along with scallops, fish, and clams. The seafood looks fresh and inviting. 

The staff cooked the lobster to perfection, although you can also try cooking it yourself if you prefer; we recommend leaving it to the professionals.

 Pair your hotpot with some sake for a delightful combination.

US Prime Boneless Short Ribs

A platter of US Prime Boneless Short Ribs is included in the meal.


Choose between Ramen, Udon, or rice to complement your hotpot. 

Each dish comes with a pot of vegetables containing cabbage, corn, carrots, bean curds, and mushrooms.


 Indulge in a free-flow Haagen Daz ice cream at the ice cream bar.


This hotpot experience requires a minimum of 2 persons to be served. The quality of the ingredients is top-notch, making it one of the best hotpots we've had. 

We would love to enjoy it again if we find ourselves back in Jiaoxi, Hualian.


TWD was invited on a hosted media trip to Taiwan by Silks Hotel Group.  The views on this post are based on personal experiences and opinions. The ranking is based on 5 stars. Rankings are based on personal experience and may not reflect the same as what others may have experienced.TWD is not liable for any experience by the reader at the establishment

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