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Silks Place Taroko Review : Hidden Gem in Taroko National Park

Forget about Taipei. Silks Place Taroko is the place you want to go.

If you're yearning for an extraordinary holiday in Taiwan, away from the bustling city life of Taipei, let us introduce you to a hidden gem - Silks Place Taroko. This is your key to connecting to the great outdoors while being pampered with modern facilities, great views and a host of activities.


Pool @ Silks Place Taroko

Nestled within the heart of Taroko National Park in Taiwan, Silks Place Taroko is the sole 5-star resort in this breathtaking location. Taroko National Park, renowned for the awe-inspiring Taroko Gorge carved by the Liwu River, is among Taiwan's nine national parks. Surrounded by majestic mountains and stunning natural beauty, Silks Place Taroko distinguishes itself as a haven, offering a luxurious experience in harmony with its pristine surroundings. 

 Getting to Silks Place Taroko is an experience by itself as you drive through a mountainous route.

Silks Place Taroko

As soon as you step into the resort, a sense of enchantment washes over you, as if you've entered a secluded paradise that exudes peace and serenity. The resort's comprehensive facilities cater to the young and old, making it perfect for family holidays. With a carefully curated lineup of activities, your time will be well spent within the premises and the surrounding area.



Checking was a breeze.


If you need to wait, there is an open lounge area. If you hear birds chirping, they are real birds at the lobby's side!

Birds of Taroko


Now, let's talk about the rooms.

Retreat Suite

 Silks Place Taroko offers two categories to choose from. The standard resort rooms are perfect for personal travel or family gatherings. But for an extra unique experience, We highly recommend the Retreat suites, where you can indulge in larger accommodations and exclusive access to the retreat lounge, offering all-day beverage and snack services.There are configurations of single king size beds or double beds to fit a family of four.

Retreat Suite

We were fortunate to be in the Garden View Suite - a massive 70-square-meter space during our stay.

Retreat Suite

Overlooking the courtyard, this room immediately charmed us. As we entered, a cosy seating area for four welcomed us. This was followed by a longish writing desk and a poster bed that oozed elegance.

Seating Area

The provided pillows and bed are already comfortable. Nonetheless, there is a pillow menu for fussy sleepers.

Pillow Menu

But the true "wow" factor was the spacious bathroom. 


The bathroom is a delightful sanctuary, equipped with double sinks and a standalone bathtub taking centre stage. 


There were essential oils to set the mood.


Bathroom amenities were thoughtfully provided, making our stay even more comfortable. 

The closet area, accessible from both the bathroom and the room, felt like a maze. It provided ample space for bags, clothes, a safe, and even a corner for a vanity table.


Walk in Wardrobe

For convenience, coffee and tea-making facilities were thoughtfully placed, accompanied by a mini fridge. 

Coffee/ Tea

The resort delighted us with snacks and fruits in the room.

Snacks and Fruits

We were treated to soothing Iced Pineapple Tea during the night turndown service.

Iced Pineapple tea.

With a TV providing information on various resort activities, we found myself constantly busy exploring the resort's abundant offerings. There was so much to do that watching TV would be the last thing you had on your mind.


Let's tour the resort's facilities. 

Silks Place Taroko Pool

The main attraction was the infinity pool's magnificent view of the mountain cliffs. There was a smaller pool for children and hot spring tubs for relaxing.

Hot Tub

The pool area transformed into a pool cinema during the evenings, a unique experience I thoroughly enjoyed.

Pool Cinema

The fireplace deck was another favourite spot. 

Fireplace Deck

This vast spot can hold many people for an event.

Night Activity

At night, you will enjoy songs and dance activities by Taiwanese aborigines, where guests can unwind to the tunes of soothing local songs, creating a jovial atmosphere. 

Indoor Pool

For rainy days, the indoor swimming pool provided an excellent alternative. 

Play Area

Meanwhile, the play area catered to both young children and teens, featuring a range of fun activities. 

From kids' activity areas to Xbox games, table tennis, and snooker facilities, younger kids, teens and young at heart will be entertained. 

Table Tennis

This is one of the best play areas in a resort.


As for adults, they had their haven in the study area with an impressive view of the gorge.


 The resort offered a gym, yoga room, and tennis court for the more active ones. 

Yoga Room

And when relaxation beckoned, the spa was an oasis of tranquillity with its immersive gorge view.

Spa @ Silks Place Taroko


The Retreat Lounge

Dining at Silks Place Taroko was an experience on its own. For guests of the Retreat suites, there is The Retreat Lounge to partake in your meals.


We enjoyed savouring a traditional breakfast of seafood congee and soybean milk at the retreat lounge, served with a breathtaking view of the gorge. 


This was the most visually appealing breakfast we had by far.

Best Breakfast presentation

If you prefer, there is also the Western set to partake.
Western Breakfast

You can also opt for the breakfast buffet at Wellesley Buffet Restaurant. 

Buffet Breakfast

For dinner, we opted for the Chef menu at the retreat lounge. While this came with an additional fee, it was well worth it. 

The lavish feast was designed to delight our taste buds, leaving us thoroughly satisfied. 

Chef Menu

Remember that the Chef's menu is available on selected dates, so it's best to check with the resort in advance.

The Retreat lounge also offered all-day dining.

All Day Dining @ Retreat Lounge

We couldn't resist indulging in this massive 14 scoops ice cream consisting of 7 flavours by the pool on hot summer days - an absolute treat for NT$580!


In terms of activities, Silks Place Taroko was good. The resort planned daily indoor and outdoor activities to keep guests entertained.

Make your own herb salt.

There was always something exciting to do, from craft activities like making your own herb salt mix from the gardens to morning walks around the resort.

Morning yoga by the Taroko Gorge was a particularly rejuvenating experience, setting a perfect tone for the day. 

Local Residents

Do look out for local residents at Taroko Gorge.

Night Party

And in the evening, we gathered for a mini-concert at the fireplace deck, enjoying the captivating voice of Formosa under the moonlight. 

Free Snack

And as if that wasn't enough, the resort treated us to delightful evening snacks, a fantastic way to end the day.

Star Gazing

There were even opportunities to spot shooting stars on clear nights. Bring your camera along, and you might even capture the milky way.


Hiking Tours

Swallow Grotto Trail

If you're up for some adventure, the resort also provides half-day and hiking tours for an additional fee.

The half-day tour took us on a delightful walking trail, such as the Swallow Grotto Trail.

Tunnel of Nine Turns

The hiking trails offered varying levels of difficulty. For beginners like myself, the Juiqudong(Tunnel of Nine Turns) trail provided a relatively easy yet immensely rewarding walk with magnificent gorge views.

Spot the Carp

Spot natural wonders like a carp-lookalike rock.

Map of Taiwan

There is also a spot where you can see the map of Taiwan's flanks by the mountainous skyline.

Beach Experience

Beach Picnic

Depending on the season, the resort organizes special activities. 

ATV Ride

During the summer, I had a fantastic beach experience with an ATV ride by the beach, followed by a picnic session. 

Beah Picnic

The stunning Qngshui Cliff, one of Taiwan's Eight Wonders, was a picturesque backdrop for this unforgettable excursion.


Being in a resort, you would feel like time has stood still. Service was done unhurriedly with a smile to match the mood.

Getting there

You can fly to Taroko or take a train from Taipei or Kaohsiung.

By Flight 

By Flight

From Taipei: Depart from Song Shan Airport, and take UNI AIR Airlines to Hualien Airport. It takes about 50 minutes on the flight. 

From Kaohsiung: Depart from Kaohsiung Airport, and take Mandarin Airlines to Hualien Airport. It takes about 55 minutes on the flight.

You can take the hotel shuttle bus from Hualien Airport to the hotel.

By Train

Take the Train to Hualien Station

From Taipei: Depart from Taipei Main Station, take Zi Qiang /Taroko Express Train (Northbound) to Hualien Station. The train takes 2 to 3 hours according to different train types. 

From Kaohsiung: Depart from Kaohsiung Station, take Zi Qiang / Taroko Express Train (Southbound) to Hualien Station. The train takes 4 to 5.5 hours, according to different train types.

You can take the hotel shuttle bus from Hualien Railway station to the hotel. 

Returning airport/ train station transfers can be made with Silks Place before your trip. Do book your reservations at least 3 days in advance.

Limited Parking

If you are driving, do note that parking space is limited.


Silks Place Taroko is an experience like no other in Taiwan. 

Forget about night markets, street food, and man-made attractions; this natural haven is a must to add a unique touch to your itinerary. While it may be a tad pricey, the resort's all-inclusive packages, including meals, make it well worth the cost. For the ultimate experience, plan a 3D2N stay to fully immerse yourself in all that Silks Place Taroko offers.

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This hidden gem in Taiwan left a lasting impression on us, and we already find ourselves longing to return. Take the chance to explore this extraordinary retreat - Silks Place Taroko awaits you with open arms!

Book your stay at Silks Place Taroko 

For more information  check out Silks Place Taroko's official Website.

TWD was invited on a hosted media trip to Taiwan by Silks Hotel Group. This review is based on our experience. All views expressed are our own. This post contains affiliated links, it will not cost you a dime more to book from the links, but it will keep our lights on!

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