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Unleash the Full Features of Video Upscaler

Are you tired of making distorted/low-resolution videos or want to get a professional camera or a good camera phone? 

You don’t need to spend a huge amount of money just to make perfectly clear and high-resolution videos. Do you know why? It’s because you can easily upscale your videos by using any good video editing software/tool. However, the problem is that most video editing software requires technical knowledge and a premium account to access all features.  

The good thing is that not all video editors require you to buy premium accounts or learn technical video editing skills. Some great video editing websites such as CapCut allow you to edit your videos for free. CapCut is such a free online video editor whose AI technology behind its algorithms automatically performs all the editing itself. So, you don’t need to worry about learning skills to convert your random, blurry, or distorted videos into perfect ones. Let’s learn about this incredible video editor tool to transform your videos today!

Pros of Using Free Online Video Upscaler

CapCut’s AI Video Upscaler tool comes with exciting features to create a mesmerizing experience for users. Here, a variety of video editing options along with the simplest interface make it perfect to use for everyone. By using this tool, you can not only upgrade your videos to a higher resolution but also perform further editing to it. With CapCut’s video upscaler, you can easily repair your distorted, low-resolution, and blurred videos. Want to know what benefits this fantastic video upscaler tool brings for you? Here you go!

  • Upscale Videos Without Losing Quality

The greatest benefit of using CapCut’s video upscaler is to convert your videos to higher resolution without losing quality. While converting videos from a low resolution to a higher resolution, quality always drops down. However, CapCut’s AI technology assures to upscale videos by preserving their quality or even enhancing it to add more clarity. 

  • Add and Preserve the Original Details

Along with preserving the quality, CapCut’s video upscaler tool also preserves the original details of videos. While converting videos from low to high resolution, it pays special attention to all major and minor details. 

  • Deblur Your Videos for Free

It is a great tool to use because it also deblurs your videos for free. Whether it is motion blur or an overall blurred video, use CapCut’s AI video upscaler tool to fix it instantly. 

  • Supports All Video Formats & Contexts

Another advantage of using this tool by CapCut is that it supports all video formats and contexts. Also, you don’t need to pay any fee for converting a specific type of video. Instead, you can use this tool for upscaling all types of videos. 

  • Enhance the tone and colors

It doesn’t only upscale your videos but also enhances the tone, colors, and mood of your videos. The resulting videos don’t only look greater in quality but also look vibrant and more appealing to the eyes. 

  • Quick and Easier to Use

Moreover, this incredible AI video upscaler tool by CapCut is the easiest and quickest to use. With just one click, it instantly upscales your videos to a higher resolution and makes them ready to use. 

  • Protects Your Video’s Privacy

Whether it’s a random scenery video or a personal family video, CapCut promises to protect your privacy. It is the safest and most secure web editor to use for all types of public or private videos. 

  • No Watermarks on Upscaled Videos

In addition to all the above pros, another benefit of this tool is that it leaves no watermark on videos. Is not it great? Definitely, it is! You can edit your videos using this tool and share them with anyone without letting them know about the editing. 

How to Use this AI Video Upscaler?

To enjoy all the above-discussed pros of this incredible video upscaler, let’s learn to use it for your videos. Follow these steps one by one and enjoy the surprising results. 

  • Step 1: Sign up for free

The first step before using CapCut’s AI video upscaler is to signup for free to create your account. You must have a valid email id to get started. Fill in the signup form and verify your account. Upon verifying the account, you will lead to CapCut’s homepage. From the left side of the homepage, choose “Magic Tools” and navigate to “Video Upscaler” to enter the upscaler space.  

  • Step 2: Upload Your Video

You will see a preview video first regarding how to upscale your video using this tool. Watch and close this preview video window to access the video upload button. You can upload your video from the cloud, google drive, dropbox, or by simple drag and drop function. 

  • Step 3: Upscale Your Video

After uploading the video, you will see the “Select Resolution” option on the right side of your screen. To upscale your video to a higher resolution, click on “Upscale”. Within only a few seconds, its AI algorithms will convert your video to a higher-resolution one with better quality. If you want to further edit your video, click on “Edit more” on the top-right black bar. Once done with the editing, move to the next step. 

  • Step 4: Export and Share!

Now, you can easily export, download, and share your video to other platforms such as TikTok. To use any of these options, click on the “Export” button at the top right corner of your screen. When you click on the export button, it will show you further options. For example, you may share your video to TikTok, download it, or go back to edit, etc. You can also create a new one by using CapCut’s magic tools and show your masterpiece videos to others. 


If you haven’t tried using any video upscaler tool, this incredible video Upscaler from CapCut would surprise you. It dramatically converts low-resolution, dull, and blurry videos to higher-resolution and higher-quality videos. While generating the results, it also adds more clarity, fixes blurs, and boosts the tone and mode of the videos. Let’s try upscaling your videos to a higher resolution and enjoy watching them with better results. 

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