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Wellspring by Silks Review- Hot Spring Hotel in Jiaoxi, Yilan


Do you know Taiwan is among the world's top 15 hot spring sites? 

Jiaoxi, Yilan County, stands out as one of Taipei's nearest hot spring destinations. A mere 45-minute bus ride will transport you to this charming rural district that is fast becoming a tourist hotspot due to its hot springs. Whether you prefer to indulge in public hot springs, visit dedicated facilities, or experience the luxury of private hot spring amenities within a hotel, Jiaoxi offers a delightful array of options to rejuvenate and unwind.

The Location

On this day, our exploration takes us to Wellsprings by Silks, a splendid hotel nestled along the appropriately named Wenquan Road (Spa Road). This hotel is a 5-minute stroll from Jiaoxi Train Station and has a convenient and accessible location.
Wellspring by Silks Location

Within the area, you'll find an assortment of quaint shops and old and new restaurants, creating a seamless opportunity to venture out and immerse yourself in different surroundings with old-school vibes.


Check-in Counter

The check-in process at the counter is a breeze, and conveniently situated nearby is a lounge area where you can relax while waiting for your room to be prepared, if necessary. During your wait, take a moment to appreciate the exquisitely crafted lobby adorned with lanterns made from Kavalan banana leaf strips and Nan'ao shale flooring, creating a subtle yet captivating ambience. Notably, Wellspring by Silk was honoured with the prestigious Red Dot award in 2017 under the Interior Design Category.


The one thing we noticed is the presence of artwork at Wellspring by Silks. Each floor has a showpiece from both local and international artists for display.

My Room - Hollywood Suite

Hollywood Suite Wellspring by Silks

My room for this stay is the Hollywood Suite. The Hollywood suite is a decent size 40sqm room with a living area that can be separated by a divider. You have the option of getting one large bed or two medium beds.

Hollywood Suite Wellspring by Silks

The large bed measures a generous 240x188 cm, comfortably accommodating up to 3 individuals. The Hollywood Suite is thoughtfully designed for 2 to 3 occupants depending on the chosen bed configuration.

Seating area at Hollywood Suite

Inspired by Japanese decor, the room boasts light wood hues and charming artwork of Yilan Butterfly  Orchids in ceramic wall pieces on the headboard, creating an ambience akin to spending the night in a Muji store.

Big Room Hollywood Suite

The bathroom features a double sink vanity with amenities.

Double Sink

There are separate shower and toilet facilities, with Japanese-style bidet seats installed.

Private Hot Spring Bath

The most enticing feature of the room is undoubtedly the private hot spring bath. However, it's essential to note that there are some peekaboo spots, so the more modest guests may prefer to enjoy the hot spring experience while clothed.

Seating Area

The tv is a decent size, and it swivels to face the bed or the sofa.

Coffee and Tea Machines

Coffee/tea-making facilities are thoughtfully provided for your convenience.


For added convenience, a safe and dedicated space to hang your clothes is readily available.

Other Rooms

There are a total of 120 guest rooms designed in six unique styles at Wellspring by Silks. If you are travelling with family, you can opt for the family twin rooms, which offer a spacious 40sqm area and are equipped with two large beds measuring 152 x 188cm each.

Twin Room

For those seeking even more room, the corner suite provides a generous 55 sqm space and features two large beds measuring 152 x 188cm each.

Twin Private Hot Spring

In the family rooms, you'll find the added bonus of two hot spring baths, allowing families to enjoy the delightful facilities together.


Mihan Jiaoxi DInner

Mihan is an extension of Mihan Honki from Regent Taipei. It is a contemporary Japanese restaurant offering authentic Japanese cuisine.

Mihan Jiaoxi

At Mihan, I indulged in the popular Surf and Turf Hot Pot for dinner.

Surf and Turf

This dinner, open to guests and visitors, showcases an opulent array of hotpot, meat, and lobsters. Priced from NT1480 per pax, this is a feast of opulence for hotpot enthusiasts.

Salad Buffet

To kickstart the hotpot experience, there's a salad buffet spread for you to indulge in.

If you're a hotpot enthusiast, this feast brimming with fresh ingredients will undoubtedly delight your taste buds.

Surf and Turf Hotpot at Mihan

Should you desire, the staff can expertly cook the lobster for you.

Fresh Lobsters

This has to be one of the freshest lobsters I had in a while. 


Conclude the meal with a delightful free flow of ice cream from Haagen - Dazs.

Free Flow Haagen Dazs

Mihan Breakfast

Breakfast at Mihan Jiaoxi

Guests are also treated to a Japanese-style breakfast buffet. Though the spread was not as expansive as larger hotels, it is still satisfying. 

Japanese Buffet

Take advantage of the kong bak pau if you're having breakfast here.

Mihan Jiaoxi Breakfast



Lounge at Wellspring by Silks

During the evening hours from 5-6pm, this cosy reception area transforms into a lounge, offering a variety of beverages and snacks.

Happy Hour

The Gallery

The Gallery at Wellspring at Silks

An inviting space where guests can freely chill and relax. You can also engage in traditional games while enjoying the provided snacks and beverages.

Traditional games

There's also an outdoor Hot Spring for food massages.

Outdoor Hot Spring Foot Bath

Hot Spring Swimming Pool

A first-of-its-kind amenity for us. Immerse yourself in this hot spring pool to unwind and relax. 

Hot Spring Swimming Pool

From this idyllic vantage point, you can enjoy the views of the magnificent Lanyang Plains and the Pacific Ocean. Moreover, you'll be able to catch glimpses of t Guishan Island, also known as Turtle Island - the only active volcano in Taiwan.

Pool Cinema

In the evening, the pool area is transformed into a pool cinema, offering guests a chance to unwind and enjoy a show.

Hot Spring Jacuzzi

Hot Spring Jacuzzi

You'll find the hot spring jacuzzi on the opposite side of the roof. Relax and revitalise your body in this serene environment. A dip in the Hot Spring Jacuzzi provides a calming and stress-relieving effect on your body. 


Excellent Service

Service has been impeccable during our stay. Whilst the touchpoints with staff are limited due to the number of facilities, each encounter was always greeted with a warm smile synonymous with the Taiwanese bubbly traits. A special memory was the personalised handmade card in the room. While this may not be the standard, these little touches make one feel at home.

Just Sleep Yilan Jiaoxi

Guests of Wellsprings may also check out the next-door Just Sleep hotel. This is a subsidiary hotel under the same group Silks Hotel Group. 

Just Sleep 

As they are related, guests of Wellsprings are allowed to use the facilities there, which include a kids zone, outdoor pool and an indoor Hot Spring that features a Japanese style nude only onsen for males and females (separate facilities)

Kids Room at Just Sleep Jiaoxi


Around the Hotel

Street Foods

The hotel boasts a central location, surrounded by numerous street food restaurants and quirky shops.

Peanut Ice Cream Popiah

We suggest taking a stroll to savour the local street food delights, like the Peanut ice cream popiah.

Quirky shops

You can also drop by one of the quirky-looking shops for some retail therapy.


Alternatively, immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Jiaoxi, enjoying its sights and sounds.

Hot Spring Onion

The popular Hot Spring Onion bathhouse is conveniently located just around the corner for those who want a different Hot Spring experience.

Claw Machines

For those feeling lucky, there are the infamous Taiwan claw machine shops to be found in the vicinity to try your skills.


There is even a Casino on the other end of the same building as Wellsprings by Silk for those who want to try a different kind of luck.

Hot Spring Parks

Jiaoxo Map

You can stroll to the nearby Hot Spring Parks and indulge in natural hot springs within walking distance of the hotel.

Jiaoxi Hot Spring Park

There are two parks available: Tanweigou Park and Jiaoxi Hot Spring Park.

Limmei Shipan Trail

Tailored for beginner hikers, this circular 1.7km hiking trail winds through the forest.

Linmei Shipan Trail Entrance

Once you ascend the trail, your efforts will be rewarded with the breathtaking sight of a waterfall nestled midway through the path.


Descending is notably easier than the ascent, and completing one loop around the trail typically takes about an hour. If you wish to explore Linmei Shipan Trail, do coordinate with the hotel for arrangements. Among the various trails in Jiaoxi, this is one of the more popular ones.

Getting there

Jiaoxo Station

You can opt for the bus or train if you are travelling from Taipei.


You can take the Kamalan Bus (Taipei Bus Station) or Capital-bus (Taipei City Hall Bus Station). Both will take you to Jiaoxi Bus Station, which is a 10 minutes walk from the hotel. Bus Journey is approximately 45 mins long.


Take a train from Taipei Main Station and alight at Jiaoxi. From there, walk 5 minutes to the hotel. The train journey is about 1.5 hours.

There are shuttle buses from Jiaoxi Bus Station and Jiaxo Train Station that has to be reserved the day before check-in from 10am to 6pm daily. 


Wellspring by Silks Promo

Wellspring by Silks is currently running a promo for the hotel. Book directly with them, and you can enjoy a package that includes Mihan Japanese-style breakfast and enjoy the facilities as stated in this post from TWD 4500 (SGD 190) for 2. 

If you are keen on the Hollysuite, check out the bookings here.


For those seeking an escape from the bustling city of Taipei, consider a stopover at Wellspring by Silks. Here, you'll have the opportunity to indulge in a hot spring bathing experience right in the comfort of your room or venture out to a Hot Spring Park for a more natural setting.

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In a place like this, time seems to stand still, making it perfect for travellers who wish to let go of their agendas and simply unwind and relax.

For more information about the hotel, check out Wellspring by Silks Official website


TWD was invited on a hosted media trip to Taiwan by Silks Hotel Group. All views expressed are our own. This post contains affiliated links, it will not cost you a dime more to book from the links, but it will keep our lights on!

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