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Best Mooncake Deals in Singapore for Mid Autumn 2023.


Mid-Autumn Festival is on 29 September 2023.

This means that it is time for the mooncake fiesta. Traditionally, this means heading to malls to source the best mooncakes in Singapore. Usually, these outlets will be popping up around the last week or first week of September.

Instead of jostling with crowds, why not let your fingers do the hard work instead. We found the best mooncake deals in Singapore, with prices starting from $19.90 for 4! 

Affordable Snowskin Mooncakes - Kele Singapore

Mooncakes costing upwards of $70 a box is not uncommon in Singapore. But a box of 4 snow skin mooncakes at $19.90 is almost unheard of. Kele Singapore is offering a choice of 4 different flavours -  The Avocado, The Durian, The Booze and The Tropical at a special price of $19.90 for 4. 

Kele Singapore is well known for its popular pineapple tarts, with hundreds of positive reviews on Klook. You can be sure that their mooncakes will have the same high standards and quality.

Get Kele Singapore $19.90 Mooncakes here

Peach Blossoms: Parkroyal Collection Marina Bay 

If you are looking for mooncakes with exotic flavours, look no further than the Parkroyal collection Marina Bay Mid-Autumn Mooncakes by Peach Blossoms.

Lychee with Wolfberries Mooncake, Signature Charcoal Black Sesam Paste with Melon Seed and Gold Dust Mooncake, and assorted nuts with Chicken Ham Mooncake are just some of the quirky creations by Peach Blossoms' chef. 

Stand out from the crowd with a box of Parkroyal Collection Marina Bay here.

Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza

If you prefer traditional, Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza will be the one to head to. From traditional baked and snow skin mooncakes to Mao Shang Wang Premium Grade Durian Mooncakes to White Lotus Seed Paste with Macadamia Nuts Mooncakes, this will appeal to the traditionalists. Moonkcakes are priced at a 25% discount from $66 for a box of 4.

Get your Traditional Mooncakes here

Hotel Indigo Singapore Katong 

We love the Peranakan vibes from Hotel Indigo. Hotel Indigo is located at Katong and hence the Peranakan influence. The Signature Series, comprised of traditional Lotus Paste Mix, starts from $59.50 (30% discount). They come in a box that is inspired by the Peranakan Houses of Katong.

There is also a limited edition Mooncake selection. The limited edition comes with a premium mix of 2 X Charcoal Skin with Gold Dust Dragon Well (Longjing) Tea with melon Seeds, 1 x Single Yolk and 1 X Macadamia Nut.

See the full range here

Crowne Plaza Changi Airport Assorted Moonckes

If you need another option for traditional mooncakes, Crowne Plaza Changi Airport's wide range of assorted mooncakes selections will be great for you. Try the in-house special - Gula Melaka Walnut Latte Banked Mooncake to spice things up. The boxes have a little aeroplane as a handle, a nice touch from the Airport Hotel.

  • Assorted Snow Skin Mooncake
  • Assorted Traditional Baked Mooncake Collection
  • Gula Melaka Walnut Latte Baked Mooncake
  • Assorted Nuts Mooncake
  • Low Sugar White Lotus Paste with Macadamia Nuts Baked Mooncake
  • White Lotus Paste with Single Yolk Baked Mooncake
  • White Lotus Paste with Double Yolk Baked Mooncake
The price starts from $54.60. Self-collected.

Mdm Ling Bakery - Not your usual Mooncake Boxes

Mdm Ling is known for their halal-certified Vegan Mooncakes. Prices start from $34 for a box of two. What we love is the packaging. Why stick to traditional mooncake boxes when you can have a Bucket or Tote bag? 

There is even a Monopoly tin box. This would make a great gift to property investors. If you are a property agent, you should check this out!

Get Mdm Ling Bakery Mooncakes here

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