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Singapore Presidential Election 2023 : Who to vote, how to vote, where to vote?


On Sep 1 2023, Singaporeans will have a chance to elect a new president.

Who to Vote

This year, 3 candidates have been issued certificates of eligibility. All 3 had submitted their nomination papers on nomination day and will be up for Election on Sep 1.

The three are 

Tharman Shanmugartnam

Senior Minister Tharman Shanmugartnam is the former deputy prime minister and current Coordinating Minister for Social Policies. He was also the chairman of the Monetary Authority of Singapore from 2011 to 2023. 

The Pineapple is his symbol and will be on the ballot paper next to his name.The symbol description is a simple " Pineapple"

Ng Kok Song

Mr Ng Kok Song is an independent candidate. He was issued a certificate of eligibility based on his stint as chief investment officer at GIC from 2007 and 2013. He is also the founder of Avanda Investment Management, an asset management company.

Hand with a Heart is his symbol and will be on the ballot paper next to his name. The symbol description is "United for our future"

Tan Kin Lian

Tan Kin Lian is an independent candidate and was the CEO of NTUC Income until April 2007. He has served for 30 year at the helm of NTUC income. He had previously run for the 2011 presidential election and had the lowest votes among the 4 candidates, with 4.9% of the vote.

Tan Kin Lian uses his own logo, four figures reaching out toward a flower. The symbol description is "Living in Harmony"

When to Vote

Election day is on 1 Sep 2023. Voters are to cast their votes between 8 am and 8pm

Where to Vote

Voters will be assigned a Polling station to vote. The polling station will be clearly stated on the Polling card.

How to Vote

For Singaporeans aged 21 and above, you have a right to exercise your vote. 

Step 1

Voters are to bring along original or digital NRIC (e.g. Singpass) or ID cards issued by the Ministry of Defence,Singapore Police Force or Civil Defence) or passports to the polling station.

Each voter will be issued a Poll card or e-card.  E-cards can be retrieved on the Singapass app under Profile tab

The poll card will contain Polling Station Address, Electoral Division, Polling District and Voter Serial Number, along with your Name and Address.

Step 2

Source : Singapore Statues online

Voters to mark the choice clearly with X on one of the empty boxes on the ballot paper.Do not take photos at the ballot boxes.

Step 3

Fold the ballot paper into half after making the choice and drop the ballot paper in the ballot box without delay. Leave the polling station thereafter.

Every vote counts, so even if it is a public holiday, if you can vote, do it!

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