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Brasserie Regent Taipei Review - Gourmet Breakfast Buffet

One of the best breakfast buffet in Taipei?

If you ever can stay at Regent Taipei, you must try out the Buffet Breakfast at Brasserie.

During our trip to Taiwan, and staying in over 5 hotels; the hotel with the best breakfast for our stay was Regent Taipei. Breakfast is served at Brasserie from 630 -10am. If you are staying at Regent Taipei, we highly recommend choosing rooms with breakfast.

Located on the first floor, the Brasserie exudes a grand vibe when you enter. It is spacious, with a wide array of food greeting you from both sides of the aisles.

What impressed us was the variety of food.

You have the bread counter that serves up many different versions of bread. If you pick one each, you will hit your carbs count for the day.

There is a salad bar filled with nutritious food for the health-conscious. This is a collaboration between Regent X Curious. The must-try will be the Acai bowl.

You can choose Korean, Japanese, Western and Taiwanese food for the mains. You cannot sample all in a single meal, so it will be good to have an alternate day to come back and try the other dishes you miss the first time around.

Our favourite will be the local counters serving traditional Taiwanese breakfast and street food.

A must-try will be the rice dumpling filled with condiments of your choice.

Different juices are included in the meal.

It gets crowded in the morning. 

We suggest an early trip to the Buffet to enjoy the spread!


One the best buffet breakfast we have tried in Taiwan. This a worthy recommendation, especially if you are staying in Regent Taipei.

TWD was invited for a tasting session. The views on this post are based on personal experiences and opinions. 

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