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Currencies near 1 year low against SGD : Where should you plan your next holiday?

Planning for the year-end holiday?

Last year, SGD made a new low against 10 currencies. This year, the trend continues for some currencies while others have somewhat recovered from the low. EUR and GBP have been taken off the list as they have strengthen by almost 10% from the year's low.

Here are  currencies that are at or near the all-time low against SGD


Australian Dollars continue to remain near the lows vs SGD. At 1.14, it is a long way from 1.04 a year ago. It's the best time to go down under.


CAD continues to languish near the low. The low for the year was near 1.03. Today it is at 0.99 against 1 SGD. While it is off the low, it is still much better than 0.93 a year ago. Rocky Mountains anyone?


Great Wall of China, here we come! With China removing the need for visas for short-term visitors from Singapore, it opens up as a travel destination for year-end holidays. The good news is that is much cheaper to head to China this year than last, with the exchange rate falling from a year low of 4.9 to 5.35. 


The Rupiah is off the low for the year from around 11,600, but at 11,265, it is still higher than the 10,513 recorded a year ago. Bali anyone?


Time to pack your bags for Universal Studios Osaka! 

Japanese Yen continues its slide. From a high of 97.2, it is 10.2% cheaper at 107.14 today.


Plan a holiday off the beaten track to Laos. The exchange rate today is at 14,386. The year low was at 10,976.  It is a whopping 31% off the 1 year's low.


A year ago, MYR strengthened to 3.11. Today, it is heading back to the lows at 3.42. Time to join the queue at the Causeway.


Taiwan Dollar continues its low against SGD. It reached a high of 21.62 a year ago. Today it is at 23.46. This means it is the best time to head to Taiwan for the Night Markets, Tea and more!


New Zealand Dollars have strengthened a little from the lows of 1.26 to 1.23. It is still near the lows, especially when it was as high as 1.15  a few months ago. It's Summer, but with temperatures below 24 degrees, it is the best time to visit the land of the hobbits.


Philippine Peso has not moved much, but it is still hovering near the lows.


At 14.06, it is near the year's low. The high for the year was at 11.88, so you are effectively getting a 18.5% discount. Time to head to the wilderness.


The Thai baht is not exactly at the 1 year low, but it is close enough. The high for the year was at 24.79, so at 26.04, you still get a 5% discount. Thai Massage anyone?


The Vietnamese Dong is 6.5% off the year high. At 17,667, it is a good time to consider a holiday there to enjoy all the Vietnamese cuisines.

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