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Grams 28 Sling Mini Review: The Everyday Man Bag


Guess what's making a stylish comeback in 2023? 

Man, bags are back on the scene and rocking it!

A quick search for "Man Bags" will unveil various choices, ranging from canvas to opulent leather. Amidst this plethora of options, one particular gem stands out as the epitome of style, functionality, and sophistication: the Grams (28) Sling Mini.

We are not going to gatekeep this gem. Let's spill the tea on why the Sling Mini has won us over.

Sling Mini: Perfect Everyday Man Bag

Looking for a bag that is discreet and stylish at the same time?

 This bag knows the secret handshake to look classy without screaming, "Look at me!" It's got that vibe that fits right in whether you're sipping a latte at the corner café or making that multi million deal.

Measuring 22 W X 16 H x 3.5 D cm, this lightweight 272g bag is the perfect size for an everyday Man Bag to carry only the essential stuff you need for the day.

Quality Leather

You will never go wrong with this leather, especially one acquired from top tanneries worldwide. Grams (28) uses the finest full-grain Italian leather sourced from Gruppo Mastrotto tannery. Additionally, we appreciate the individual product code assigned to each bag, offering insights into the style, material source, material type, and craftsmanship behind each creation.

The bags are made in Arzignano, Italy. A country that is synonymous with quality leather goods.

Pockets of Spaces
Don't be fooled by the diminutive size of the bag. This bag is roomy for its size, with not one but three compartments.

The front has a zippered compartment to put your wallets or documents.

The back pocket offers quick access to your items. While it does not have a zipper, the flap folds down to enclose it, making it an excellent spot to hold your passport when travelling.

The interior compartment is spacious enough to fit wallets, chargers, phones and even extra tech gear such as the Insta360 and selfie stic. If you have an iPad mini, you could also fit it in with the flap opened.

We did a test and managed to fit in the following items
  • Passport
  • Wallet
  • Glasses
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max
  • AirPods

Solid Hardware

The hardware that comes with the bag is of quality material. From the zippers to the buckles, you can feel they are built to last. With a lifetime warranty on the bags, we are happy to purchase one without hesitation. 

Each bag also comes with 30 Days free return and free shipping for peace of mind.

Stylish for Formal and Casual Use

With an adjustable cross-body strap, you can wear it loose on your back, secured against your front or on the shoulder for a casual look. With its sleek design, this leather bag rocks in both casual commutes and office meetings.

Grams (28)

Grams(28) was established out of a desire for better design and value in luxury goods. Their collection stands out in terms of refinement with a touch of class for the modern man. Their bags are available internationally via their online store. Bags are often sold out, so get it fast if you like the design.

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The Grams(28) Sling Mini would make the perfect companion for us. It is time to say goodbye to chunky items in pockets or carry loose on hand. It is available at USD 199.

Get your Grams(28) Sling Mini here.

TWD was provided with the Sling Mini for review. All opinions are our own.


  1. No negative points???

    1. It’s a little small to use as a day bag, but for a short trip out, it’s ticks the right boxes


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