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CASETiFY Customization Studio : Updated Fonts, Text and Colour Options

Let's personalise your phone case!

CASETiFY phone cases have been the Gold Standard Phone Cases for their quality and design. From collaborations with Evangeline and Spiderman to their super protective Bonuce Case, CASETiFy has been top-class in quality and design. There is even a Customization Studio, where you can create your own design.

CASETiFY has just updated the Customization Studio, giving customers more options. 

There are brand-new fonts, texts and colours to create thousands of designs that are unique to the end user. 

The refreshed designs include colourful slash, checked patterns and dot designs alongside gradient backgrounds in Sunset, Ocean and Pastet Colourways. 

In addition to the patterns, new typefaces, including Modern, Bold and Retro, together with a variety of layout options, are available. 

Customisation is available on CASTify signature Impact, Ultra Impact, Pillow, Clear, Leather, Mirror and Bounce Cases. The cases available are for iPhone, Samsung, and Google Pixel. You can also customise accessories made for AirPods, AirPods Pro, AirTags, Apple Watch bands, wireless chargers, PVC Clutches, sling bags, water botters, MacBook, iPad and MagSafe Lineup. Prices start from USD 59, depending on the case model and device model selected.

We played around with the customisation, and was impressed with the range.

In the end, we decided a more subtle case would suit us better. Even in this simplified version, the quality is exceptional. With customization, you can opt to go loud or discreet. Just add your personal touch!

The mirror case in black is beautiful, and the inscribed words are eye-catching. Be it bold or subtle, we are sure you can design a case that would suit your style. This will make a beautiful gift too!

Get your Customised Case here!

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