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Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Trick or Thrills 2023

Halloween is back at Universal Studios.

From 6 Sep to 5 Nov, guests of the park will enjoy a curated Halloween event with Monstrous Meet and Greets, Scarily Good Thrills, Candy Conquest, Jack O Lantern Fun, Ghoulish Gifts, Cute Capsule surprises and 'not so scary' performances around the park.

Monstrous Meet and Greet

Monsters will be around the park from Far Far Away to Ancient Egypt to Hollywood and beyond. Our favourite will be the Monstrous Minions waiting for their prey. Will you take the bait?

Scarily Good Treats

This year's Halloween will see scary treats popping up on food carts and restaurants all over the park. To be honest, some of them felt scary and could make you lose your appetite. 

These are some of the most creative meals we had spotted around the park.

The Mouldy Dog is one mean-looking Hotdog in Green. It tastes better than it looks!

The Molded Fried Chicken just came out of the sewerage. We reckoned it was still pretty crispy.

Anyone lost a finger? We found quite a couple here dipped in bloody sauce.

Candy Conquest

Source: USS

A dance off between the Candy Crooks and the Lolly Bandits to see who gets to keep all the Halloween Candy. If you are dressed up for Halloween, you might even be picked to win the best-dressed award.

Ghoulish Gifts

Bring Halloween home with these new Minion Monsters merchandise exclusively made for this season.

Jack O Lantern Fun

Source USS

If you love trick or treat, you have to look out for roving candy ambassadors. Use your own bucket or get one pumpkin bucket (included in selected ticket types) and start collecting those treats!

Cute Capsule Surprise

Look out for the Gachapon station found at Hollywood. Spend a minimum sum of $100 and get a chance to collect an exclusive Halloween Character Pin.


There will be special performances at the stage at the end of Hollywood Street and New York York

Performance varies daily, so check the notice for timing.

Trick or Trills will be at Universal Studios for a limited time only.

Special Trick or Trills Package will include various items such as 
1xTrick or Trills Set Meal
1 x SGD 10 Retail Voucher (no minimum spend)
1 x SGD 5 Kuromu Merchandise Voucher (minimum $40 spend)
1 x Pumpkin Bucket
and lots more!

For more information on the tickets, do refer here.

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