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Sum Dim Sum Jalan Besar Review

Jalan Besar is a magnet for Dim Sum fans. 

It has been drawing the Dim Sum enthusiast with delectable offerings. Among the dim sum establishments, Swee Choon Tim Sum, an early pioneer of Singaporean dim sum culture, has flourished across five interconnected shopfronts. Adding a contemporary twist to this dim sum landscape is Sum Dim Sum, nestled just a street away.


While Swee Choon Tim Sum stretches out to claim an entire first floor of a building, Sum Dim Sum finds its place in a corner unit, boasting both indoor and outdoor seating options. A splash of turquoise infuses the interior of Sum Dim Sum, exuding a decidedly modern aura. 

As you step inside, you're greeted by a striking display of dim sum steamers that adorn a wall, setting the mood for dim sum. Although the ground floor interior may appear somewhat snug, there is always the option of al fresco dining.

For larger gatherings, the second level offers a more capacious setting, accommodating groups with ample space. 


A look at the menu suggests that this is more than just a dim sum restaurant. While dim sum takes up about a third of the menu, those looking for a substantial meal can find individual rice, noodles and congee dishes. Main dishes of meat, seafood and vegetables are also available.

For our meal, we indulge mostly in dim sim with only one main dish.

Fresh Prawn Tiffany Blue XL ($6.3)

Har Kow in a unique shade of blue. However, when it comes to flavour, there is no distinction from the traditional Har Kow. Despite its photogenic appearance, it is similar to a traditional Har Kow.

Xia Long Boa - 3 Pcs ($5.70)

The Xia Long Bao bears a striking resemblance to the DTF variant, and that's a commendable comparison considering our fondness for the latter's Xia Long Bao. This version is worth sampling.

Jin Qian Bao ( $5.10)

Yet another dim sum creation that catches the eye. The green colouring imparts a touch of elegance to the Jin Qian Bao. If we were to weigh the options between the conventional fried rendition and this one, our preference would lean towards the fried version..

Fried Prawn Roll in Beancurd Skin ($5)

Appearances can be deceivin. Even though this particular dim sum might not win any beauty contests, its taste surpasses expectations. Delivering a delightful crunch without an excess of oiliness, it proves to be a satisfying option to indulge in.

Signature Pandan Crispy Pork Bun ($6.30)

The pandan-infused essence within this crispy pork bun is a true delight, fully deserving of its signature namesake. Savouring it as soon as it's brought to the table is highly recommended, as the warmth of the pork within imbues it with an even more aromatic and enticing flavour. 

Prawn Dumpling Soup ($6.2)

The prawn dumplings are generous in size. A nice refreshing dish to add to the meal.

Salted Egg Pork Ribs ( $16.50)

We find satisfaction in the Salted Egg Pork Rib. The salted egg infusion enriches the flavour of the pork ribs without overwhelming it with saltiness. The pork ribs are well cooked, striking a balance that renders them tender without excessive chewiness.


If you want more than a dim sum meal, Sum Dim Sum fits the bill.

Personally, when eating Dim Sum, we prefer old-school settings as it sets the mood for a nostalgic meal. Dim Sum with added colouring may look good in photos, but it does not necessarily improve quality. As for prices, we think its comparable to what's around the vicinity. 

Overall, it is a decent experience. If you can't get a seat at Swee Choon Tum Sum, this is always a decent option. It opens daily and till late for Friday and Saturday.

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