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Honey Night : Itaewon Class Inspired Restaurant in Singapore


Craving for Fried Chicken and Beer?

If you are a fan of K-Drama, you will know that Fried Chicken and Beer is one of the staple foods of Seoul. After binge-watching the latest Korean Drama on Netflix, we ate this popular Korean Dish.

A search around our hood brought us to Honey Night 꿀밤 at Grandlink Square. Grandlink Square is not new to us, having explored Little Vietnam and Soi 72 on our past visits. Honey Night is one of the 'international' restaurants called Grandlink Square Home. While it may look like a strange destination, it was apparent that this is a pretty old building stuck in the 80s. If you're seeking a place to relish Western, Vietnamese, Thai, Filipino, or Korean cuisine in one spot, this is the place to be.

Honey Night

We were fortunate to secure a table without a prior reservation because we arrived early for dinner. Within half an hour of our arrival, the restaurant was completely occupied, and finding an available table without reservation was challenging. We strongly recommend making a reservation in advance for those planning a visit.

Source: Itaewon Class

Few people may know this, but Itaewon Class may inspire Honey Night. The restaurant opened by the main character, Park Seo Joon, was called Danbam or Sweet Night, while the webtoon that it was based on was called Kkulbam or  Honey Night. You can even see a shot of the sign Honey Night on the restaurant's building.

For ardent K-Drama fans, this revelation was an added delight. A keen observer will notice that the restaurant's tables and chairs closely resemble those seen in the show, and the neon lights adorning the walls also draw inspiration from the series.

Spot the Difference - Source Netflix


Honey Nights has a decent offering of authentic Korean food. There are more affordable Set meals like Bibimbap, Kimchi Fried rice and a decent selection of Ra-Myeon.

There is also a good selection of Pork, dumplings and Chicken.

Since we were craving Chicken, we chose the Boneless Fried Chicken and Spicy Fire Chicken with Cheese. We added Cold Spicy Buckwheat Noodle to the list since this is the first time we have tried that. 

Boneless Fried Chicken ($15)

Our three-piece boneless fried Chicken was fried to perfection. The meat portion was all thigh. The skin was crispy, while the meat was juicy without it being too oily. The only gripe would be the price. At $15, the portion was a tad smaller than what we were expecting.

Spicy Fire Chicken with Cheese ($25)

This is a must-try dish when you are at Honey Nights. The idea of mozzarella cheese and chilli intrigued us, so we decided to go.

It did not disappoint. The Chicken was juicy with an umami flavour. It was surprisingly refreshing despite it being spicy.

Cold Spicy Buckwheat Noodle ($15)

The Buckwheat noodle is served with chilled beef broth and has slices of beef, radish, boiled egg and seasoned cucumber. This was our first time trying this dish, so we needed to determine whether it was good or bad. It is an acquired taste, so not all will like it for what it is.

Terra Beer ($11)

To complete our Chicken and Beer dinner, we ordered the Terra Beer. This is said to be the most popular beer in Gangham. It's light and easy to drink.


@the.wacky.duo Do you know we have our own Itaewon Class in Singapore? Honey Night is a Korean restaurant inspired by Itaewon Class. We tried the Korean favourite Chicken and Beer and this is how it went. #itaewonclass #tiktoksg #sgfood #honeynight #foodreview #notsponsored ♬ Start Over - 해바라기

The dinner was $71.50 after the service charge and GST. It is a little pricey for what we ordered. However, set meals look like decent pricing, and we may request that the next time.

Nonetheless, we enjoyed the vibes of Honey Nights as it reminded us of Itaewon Class. As show fans, you can't help but appreciate this place.

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