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Singapore Comic Con Experience Review


Comic-Con was in town over the weekend.

Our last visit to Comic Con was exactly 10 years ago. In between, we had missed this annual event, and with the onset of Covid, it had been off our radar.

It had been a LONG 10 years!

Comic Con Circa 2013

This year, we had the opportunity to revisit it and just had to take it. Here's a quick recap of what we saw

Impressive anime stautes 

XM Studios

XM Studios is well known for their quality collection that is realistic and highly sought after.

They displayed the Lord of the Rings and DC alongside other characters.

Ryu Studio

Ryu Studio is famous for its anime works. 

A selection of One Piece and Naruto were on display

Mighty Jaxx

If you want something more affordable, Mighty Jaxx is the brand to choose. 

There are plenty of exciting items here.

Transformers: Cyerberton Fest

The Transformer: Cybertron Fest showcases vintage Transformers alongside the newer versions.

There is even a section by XM Design.

Other Impressive works

There were hundreds of brands for this year's Comic-Con; here is just a sample that caught our eye.


One of the exciting things to do is to people-watch at Comic-Con. 

We kept our eyes open for Cosplay characters; hundreds were at Comic-Con.

We mustered the courage to ask a few for a quick pose.

It was an exhilarating experience and we will be back next year. If you are planning for Singapore Comic Con 2024, we suggest dressing up; it's more enjoyable for the event!

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