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Krua Aroi : Authentic Thai Food in Bangkok

If you are in Pratunam Bangkok and want an authentic Thai food experience,  head to Krua Aroi.

Krua Aroi was an unplanned find during our Bangkok trip. We wanted an affordable, no-frills Thai restaurant, and a Google search revealed Krua Aroi.

Krua Aroi

This restaurant is located away from the main street in the alleyway off Ratchadarmi Road. While navigating there may be a little daunting, we found it relatively safe. 

When we reached the destination, we knew we had found what we wanted. Krua Aoi is in a row of shophouses with indoor and outdoor spaces. It is a discreet eating place with old-school charm. The inside is coated with a fresh green wall that gives the place a homely feel. There are more locals than tourists here, which is a good indication that this place is authentic to taste.

The Food

Thai Shrimp Cake

Our starter was the Thai Shrimp Cake. We love its crispy exterior and chunky bites. It's served with a sweet chilli dipping sauce for a savoury bite.

Green Curry

The Green Curry is a good blend of green curry paste, coconut milk and herbs. It is not diluted and is flavourful. 

Prawn and Squid Yellow Curry

It's a curry dinner for us, and our next dish is the prawn and squid yellow curry. The portions were generous, and the yellow curry was equal to the green curry. Its spice level was relatively mild for Thai Standard.

Pineapple Rice

Rice is a must if you have a curry. We opted for the pineapple rice because we had only one while we were in Bangkok. It is not served in a Pineapple, but the fragrant rice with sweet pineapple chunks is unmistakable.


Our final bill was around 500 baht, which is about SGD $10 each. The price and the dishes we ordered were worth every penny. 

While the food may not be extraordinary, this is the place to go if you are looking for authentic Thai food without a hole in your wallet.

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