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How to redeem your Climate Voucher?


All HDB Households are eligible for the new Climate Vouchers.

You can now claim a new set of Climate Vouchers worth $300. These Vouchers are meant to offset the purchase of 10 types of energy—and water-efficient appliances and fittings. The programme will end on 31 December 2027.

How to Claim Your Climate Vouchers

Only one household member needs to claim the Climate Vouchers on behalf of the entire household. Similar to the CDC voucher, you can forward the unique SMS Link to share the vouchers with your household members. The Vouchers are to be claimed using your mobile phone.

  1. Visit and tap on Climate Vouchers.
  2. Login with Singpass.    
  3. Receive an SMS from gov. sg which will contain a unique link to your 

  4. Source: Gov. sg
    Climate Vouchers.     

How to use your Climate Vouchers

Source: Gov. sg

Like CDC vouchers, you can choose the amount to spend and use the link provided to claim the voucher using your mobile phone. A QR code will be generated so merchants can scan the redemption.

Source: Gov. sg

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