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Underwater World Singapore 2012

The Entrance
We visited Underwater World Sentosa (UWS ) during our stay at Resort World Sentosa. We checked out at 1 pm, so we had the afternoon free. After surveying our options we decided to drive into Sentosa for a impromptu trip to UWS.
New Carpark
We had visited UWS before. In fact this is my 3rd visit here. This is however Louis first visit and so should be an eye opener for him.

Underwater World Singapore, situated on Sentosa Island of Singapore, is a unique and well-known oceanarium showcasing some 2500 marine life from 250 species from around the regions and is extremely popular with all our visitors for providing fun, leisure and educational experiences. Since our opening in 1991, close to 30 million visitors have been won over by our exhibits. With our aim to provide every visitor with a unique fun filled experience, Underwater World Singapore is actively involved in regular product renewal and program innovation.

Source : http://www.underwaterworld.com.sg

My last visit to UWS

Shark at the entrance
It was time for the Dolphin and Fur Seal show. The show was held at a new Dolphin Lagoon (the last time it was at Palawan Beach ).

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The new venue was build with the pool in the centre. However the stage was situated on the far side of the pool facing only 1 direction of audience. We caught the side view of the act. If you seat near the entrance, you will only get to see the back of the Seal act. Somehow this arrangement does not work as only 1/3 of the audience gets to enjoy the show.

The Seal Act
The show was rather short, at about 30 minutes. As for the performance, the acts were limited and not as impressive as the ones we saw at SeaWorld Gold Coast. There are 5 sessions of shows per day. I think the frequency is too high given that these animals need rest as well.

History of Earth
Next we went into the main aquarium. The lightning was not very good for photography thus not much photos were taken.

Giant Crabs
There were various segments before you reach the main underwater experience. We passed by the Crab Session first.

Crab Station
 There were some interactive stations along the way, but they are showing their age.
New Exhibit

Next up is Mummy's favourite - The Jelly World
The Jelly World @ Underwater World

The exhibits look the same as the last time we saw in back in 2009

New Exhibit 2?
It is now turn for the circular underwater tunnel. Daddy remembered being in awe the first time he was the tunnels. However things change in perspective over time. He felt the aquarium seemed to be getting smaller ( or maybe he is getting bigger :P) and was not as impressive as before. Maybe the fishes got smaller and with the water a little less clear, the optical effect may be diminished. Moreover there were quite a crowd during the time when we visit, thus with more people, the place felt like it had shrunk. The fishes photo also turn out much grainer than back in 2009.

If you do notice, there are actually 2 sections of the aquarium. The generic fishes are housed on 1 side of the aquarium. The bigger fishes like sharks ad stingrays are on the other side.

The giant crabs!
With the upcoming Aquarium at Resort World, there is a possibility that this attraction may eventually be replace, given its age(It is over 20 years old!) and size. Moreover the entrance fee seems too high at S$25.90 dollars for adult and S$17.7 for children 3-12. For that price, we could enjoy at a year membership at Port of Lost Wonder in Sentosa (which we think will be more worthwhile)

If you are visiting the Underwater World Sentosa for the first time, it is still worth a look. However if you had been there over the last few years, do not expect any big changes (other than the dolphin show). Given the other options in Sentosa, you may wish to explore other places instead as you may not have the Wow experience as compared to before.

The Little Details

Admission Charges
Opening Hours
Getting there
From Singapore, you need to get to Sentosa via public transport like taxi, Sentosa Express and cable car.  Alternatively you can walk in via Sentosa boardwalk or drive in.
Admission fees and transportation fees apply.

Within Sentosa
To Get to Underwater World Singapore (UWS) and Dolphin Lagoon (DL)
Blue line bus service from Beach Station (approx 10 min frequenc

The Open carpark is located Near Fort Siloso / Rasa Sentosa for cars

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