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Singapore National Day Fireworks @ One Fullerton

 National Day Series : Fireworks at the Bay

We are given the opportunity to have a vantage view of the National Day Rehearsal Fireworks as Marina Bay AmBAYssadors.

Other Marina Bay AmBAYssador activities
One Fullerton
We have a first Class View from the Rooftop of One Fullerton. This exclusive spot is usually reserved for the guests of the Fullerton Hotel. We were wow by the location. We had a totally unblock view of Marina Bay with Marina Bay Sands, the Singapore Flyer and the floating platform as our backdrop.
View from One Fullerton
This is our 2nd National Day Fireworks. We first caught the fireworks from Gardens by the Bay last month
However the last one was a mini scale fireworks. This is the National Day Rehearsal fireworks, which in most instances is as good as the National Day Fireworks.

National Day Fireworks@Gardens by the Bay
Test Shots
The Fireworks started much earlier than the stipulated 807 pm timing. There were a few fireworks lasting about 1 minute long from about 745pm onwards.
Accidental Botek
(Daddy had added Expert tips in RED that he had seen from an article in Digital Times on 0808. his suggestion is to follow it rather than follow him :P)

This is Daddy's first try at Fireworks with a tripod. ( with his favourite OMD-EM5) Daddy is still a novice at night shots, so he did the smartest thing possible. Put the camera in auto mode and concentrate on the focus. As you can see from the above, he needs some glasses. (Expert Tips : Actually one should  do a proper focus first and place on manual focus. The autofocus may distort a shoot like above)
Can you spot 5 stars?
Luckily for us, he managed to get his focus correct. He had taken almost 100 shots for the night, but not all shots were clear. Some of the shots are a little blur (even with tripod) as Dad was too excited and could not adjust to snap in time. Perhaps it is time he bought a remote control for the camera so he would not mess up the setup once the shooting starts.
Let the sparks began
The view was fantastic from One Fullerton. You can see the spot where the fireworks will be shot and the fireworks are very much in your face. The sound was a little loud for us kids. Louis was a little scared of the noise as well. However I must say we both enjoyed it as we were cheering and clapping at the end of the fireworks.

Fireworks@One Fullerton
We were the only kids at One Fullerton. The rest of the photographers were all pro photographers from the stable of Marina bay AmBAYssadors.

We love how the fireworks reflect off Marina Bay Sands. This mirror effect definitely makes the view more awesome.
Daddy tried his best at capturing the moment. His advice is those interested in capturing fireworks shots to do the following
Flowers in the sky
  1. Get a wide eye lens ( so you can take the landscape as well) Recommended 12 mm on a mirrorless system or smaller.
  2. Get a tripod and a remote control (Otherwise your pictures may turn out like Daddy's!)
  3. Catch the moment when the flares are launched. The most beautiful shots came from those that shows the Fireworks initial explosion. Moreover, there will be lots of smoke from the flares, so catching a perfect shot is a mixture of precision and luck. (Mostly Luck in Daddy's case : p)
  4. Snap Snap Snap. Go for multiple shots to get the perfect photo. (Expert tips : Be confident in your shot and refrain from snapping )
  5. Expert Tips : Recommended settings for DSLR 6 secs , F11 , ISO 200  
Daddy still cannot get those shots he had seen taken by other photographers. Hopefully with more opportunities to practise in the future, he would be able to master the art of fireworks photography. We did take a video of the fireworks as well. Enjoy!

The Fullerton Hotel
Compared to my last fireworks view from the Fullerton hotel, this spot definitely beats the experience from the hotel room. At this spot, there is nothing between you and the fireworks!

National Day @ Fullerton Hotel
The Wacky Duo @ One Fullerton Rooftop
A Special thanks to Marina Bay for the invitation. We love the experience and look forward to more events and activities as Marina Bay AmBAYssadors!

The Wacky Duo also recommends these area for firework's viewing
1) Marina Bay Promenade
Walkway along Marina Bay- Best view from Walkway opposite MBFC.

2) Gardens by the Bay
You will get a good view of the fireworks as well as the Supertrees Garden Raphsody light show. Best 2 for 1 venue.
3) Esplanade
You will get almost the same view as the spectators of National Day Parade from here. As close as you can get to the action without being at the Marina Floating Platform

4) Marina Barrage
Almost similar to Gardens by the Bay but at a distance. The domes of the Gardens will be your foreground in your fireworks pictures!
5) Bay East - Gardens by the Bay
Best non city location. You don't have to mix with the crowds and you get a nice stroll in the park.


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