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Sushi Tei @ Paragon

Sushi Tei@ Paragon
We had lunch at Sushi Tei @ Paragon over the weekend. This is one of our favourite resturants in the premises of Paragon. I am a picky eater, so Mummy and Daddy usually have a problem deciding what food to feed me. Luckily for them I am an Udon fan and thus Sushi Tei is perfect for me. 

Soft shell crab maki
Sushi Tei is a great place for us. We love the large spacious booth seats around the Sushi conveyor belt. It helps too when Mummy ask me to pick a dish from the belt. I like to watch the sushi wheez by and quickly do my part to grab the dish Mummy choose.

For this trip, Mummy decided to try the Soft Shell Crab maki. (SGD $6.90)
They love the crunchiness of the soft shell crab in the maki and the way the roe wraps around the sushi rice.
Chicken Teriyaki
They also tried the following dish
Chicken Teriyaki- Nice fragant rice with chunks of chicken in teriyaki sauce. However in terms of the Wow factor, it does lack the punch.
Char Siew Ramen with Spicy Miso Soup
One of Daddy's favourite dish is Char Siew Ramen with Spicy Miso Soup ( $12). He prefers noodles nowadays compared to rice as he says he need to watch his weight. The soup is not as spicy as Dad would like but the texture of the noodle fits Daddy's taste buds perfectly.

Mummy's favourite dish is Sukiyaki ($16). She said the beef is absolutely tender and divine.

The family loves Jap food ( Little brother is a Udon fan as well). Dad noticed that we are not the only one as most Japanese resturants in Singapore are usually packed to the brim. Having been to Japan in March, we must say we are not surprised as the general quality of Japanese resturants here have comparable standards to those in Japan. Japanese food are generally healthier than other alternatives and thus makes a good dining option for everyone.

We will be back again when we are at Paragon!

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