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End of the world : Survival list

Tomorrow is 21 Dec 2012
Before you start reading, please read the disclaimer first.

Thewackyduo.com does not endorse 211212 theory, this article is not sponsored nor was it written as a matter of fact. Take it with humour and jest. It may be a pure waste of time in the next 48 hours. Written purely for informative purpose. This article is not mean to create fear or distress. If you are in such a position after reading the headlines, perhaps it may be wise to stop reading here.

This is the date that the Mayan calender will ran out of dates.
There are some who believe that this will signal the end of the world as we know it.
Many soothsayers had predicted some form of catastrophic event or another. There is even a sneak peek at the theoretical events in the movie called 2012.

The weather is growing more ominous with typhoon and hurricanes are almost an every week occurrence globally. Earthquakes and tsunami are moving the earth and coming in waves. Even in Sunny Singapore, we are seeing thunderous rains and more than occasional 'ponding' in recent days. All these events may cause one to believe in the 'myth' of the Mayan Calender.
Unless you are a superhero, it is good to err on the side of caution. Rather than debating the possibility of this event, we would provide an essential survival list in anticipation for this event.


Electricity would most likely be cut. In addition, your credit card and cash may not work in these dark days. Better to prepare the essentials when needed. Have at least 3 days of stockpile for emergency.  Should it be longer, prepare to source and add on to you stockpile

  • Water 
This is the essential item to have . an adult consume on average 2.5 litres of water per day. For a family of 4 , you would need at least 10 litres every day ( Approximately 8 Pet bottles) Get some water purification pills to supplement the water source.Water is also essential for making milk and cooking, so you need as much as you can get.
  • Fire
Another source of supply that you should stock up. Fire cooks food, warms milk and provide light.
Stock up on lighters and matches. Get a bunch of candles to lit up in days of darkness. In addition, get a few torchlights and lots of batteries for standby.

  • Food
Stock up on non perishable can food. Prefer those that do not need cooking or minimum cooking.
Food such as ham, tuna, Oatmeal bars, muesli and crackers for kids will be preferred. For younger kids, stock up on cereals for them. Don't forget your milk powder for the toddlers.
  • First Aid
The most important things to have in the first aid box are anti-septic and anti-biotics. These are essential to cure cuts or even a simple cold.
  • Clothes
Be prepare for sudden change in weather conditions, have a jacket on hand in case you need it. Have durable shoes or boots for possible long hikes to hills or mountains ( in Singapore case, the closet one will be Bukit Timah Reserve)
  • Tools
Have some handy tools on hand such as hammers and utilities knife. Tools are double up as weapons only if necessary.
  • Documentation
Keep your passport, birth certificates and identity cards handy. You never know when you might need them.
  • Car
If you own a car, make sure your car has full petrol before this date. The house may not be always the safest place for refuge and you may need to seek refuge in other areas. Try to consolidate the family members to one centralised area. Unity is strength in unknown circumstances.

Good to Have

  • Cash
Cash may be worthless or could be a life saver. Credit cards should be worthless at this junction. Go to the ATM and draw some cash while you still can. Better still, keep those gold that you have on standby in case cash becomes worthless.
  • Extra essential items
Medication, can food, clothes can be use as goods for trading. Better than cash in a devastated world.
  • Radio 
Battery operated Radio to catch the latest news and updates if any.
  • Games for kids
The iPad and iPhones will not work in a couple of days time without electricity. Instead prepare a few mini toy trains or cars, a writing pad and some board games to entertain the kids.
  • Skills
If you have natural skills such as first aid knowledge, handyman skills or even negotiation skills, these should come in handy during this period.

Whatever comes tomorrow, be happy and be grateful for today.
If tomorrow comes as heralded , you will be glad to have spend the last day happy,
If tomorrow is just another beautiful day, you will be happy that it is one.
Live life as a child would, eager anticipation of what the next day will bring with unwavering optimism.

Take this article with a pinch of salt. This list could be history comes Dec 22nd.
Do check back the day after should you make it through the famed end of days.

In the meantime, Be Happy and God bless!

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  1. Terrible how the machines took over on that day and we are all in the matrix now. I love the matrix.


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