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LG Pocket Photo review

LG Pocket Photo
A month ago, I was presented with the LG Optimus G for use and review.

During the collection of the phone, I spotted a nifty box in LG Singapore Premises. I learn that it was a pocket printer otherwise known as LG Pocket Photo. At that point, I wish I have this alongside with the LG Optimus G.

LG must have read my mind and decided to loan me a unit for review. Without hesitation, I agreed as I wanted to see is this is a worthy companion to the phone.
LG Pocket Printer

About the LG Pocket Printer

The LG Pocket Printer is an Android compatible pocket size portable printer with NFC Technology.
The LG Pocket Printer is about the same size as a typical portable hard drive, albeit a little fatter (2.8 X 4.7 X 0.5) It comes in 3 different colours from white to pink to orange. It has a slot at one end for putting Zink Paper and a USB connector on the side if you want to link a phone to it
Zink Paper
The Zink paper uses a printing technology that uses zero ink ( thus the name Zink). Instead it is coated with four colour dyes and uses heat to form the picture. Each packet comes with 3 sets of zink paper with each containing 10 photos. I have 2 boxes to use so that means a whopping 60 photos to print and keep . Yeah!Read more about Zink Technology here.Each photo is in the size of 2 X 3 inch.
Loading the paper.

Setting up

Setting up on the LG Optimus G was a breeze, just download the LG Pocket Photo app from Google play and you are good to go. Printing can also be done directly from smartphone or PC via Bluetooth without the App. Simply choose a photo and select [Bluetooth] in the [Share] option.
LG Pocket Photo
Connection to the Printer can be via bluetooth or using the USB cnnection. If your phone has NFC technology like the LG Optimus G, you can simply print the photo by placing the phone near the printer.
Start Printing
The photo quality is not super sharp nor are the colours true to the picture. Picture quality is similar to a typical Polaroid print (which incidentally uses similar technology for printing). Printing time is quite fast a about 45 second per print. Battery life is up to 15 pictures per charge, which we think it is too little for a portable printer.

Do print one photo at a time, multiple selection may cause the printer to jam up. A simple on/off will clear the jam photos, otherwise you can open the top panel to readjust the photos.
Top panel can be remove
However the LG Pocket Printer is position as a Fun printer. It prints anything straight off the phone so that means you can edit a photo on the phone with fancy boarders and just press print. I am sure the boys will love to use it whenever they fancy a print of themselves.
LG Pocket Printer

What we like

  • Easy fuss free Set up
  • Portable, so you can bring it anywhere
  • Compatible with all Android Phone

What could be improve

  • Battery Life ( we heard that there is a new portable charger for this)
  • The Price - A Tad too pricey for a photo printer
  • The Quality - The colours and quality of photos printed are not as what you see
Quick prints from LG Photo Printer

Possible uses

  • Small parties like birthday celebrations
  • Printing contact information such as instant namecards
  • Printing on the go such as holidays
Party Printer!
The LG Pocket Photo is a good to have rather than a must have party printer. This is the first version from LG. Future version if LG choose to develop it would probably be thinner, prints more per charge and maybe cheaper. Photo quality may improve as well.
When that happens, I would probably get my hands on one of these printers. The technology is already a winner, I just need a future version of it.
LG Photo printer is available at Starhub, Harvey Norman,Best Denki and Popular at a princely $229 a pop. Zinc paper cost $ 18per box of 30 sheets

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