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Volkswagen Family Weekend

Volkswagen family weekend
Volkswagen family weekend
"Raise your hands if you like to sit in a new car"

2 pairs of tiny arms shot up the sky followed by loud shrieks of YES!So it's no surprise we readily accept the offer to partake at Volkwsagen family weekend when Rise and Shine together with Volkswagen Singapore extended the invitation.

Events for sat
We were there on a Saturday and were greeted with activities for kids. There are the following activities on site
  • Trip-cycle rides
  • Creativity Corner
  • Kid's Golf
  • Food Art
Since it was the mother day's weekend, they have a Mom's pampering corner featuring different kinds of massagers for mom.
Activities galore
We were instantly drawn to the huge coloirful cut out of family portraits. They look like they are having fun, so we decided to join them.
Strike a pose
Didi decided he wants to be a baby again.
Who's that baby?
We think the Volkswagen family weekend is a great idea to bring families to car showrooms. At least we have something to do while the adults checkout the latest car models.
While waiting for our turn to play, we were indulge ourselves in ink chicken burger, ice cream and potatoes.
Food food
There was quite a crowd during the event. We think this concept is fantastic and hope others will follow too. We like the carnival feel of the event. It certainly make car shopping a fun affair for the family.
Along the food and game we spotted a mascot and gamely took a picture of him. Didi is less afraid of these giant mascot now, since his experiences with the gang from Sesame Street.
We do suspect that Daddy is here for another reason. He has been invited to test drive one of the family MPV for a mini review.
The showroom
He decided to pick the Touran for his test drive. This is his first time driving an MPV after driving sedans for over 20 years and we could tell he is quite excited about this. Daddy had been thinking if he should change to an MPV in the near future as we grow older and explore more of Singapore and beyond. An MPV would be a practical solution should we invite our grandparents along for road trips.

He will be doing a mini review of his ride next week on Techie Thursday.
Volkswagen Tour
As for me , I get to join in the fun as a passenger on the ride. Check out what I think about the ride together with Daddy!
My first MPV ride
Thanks to VW and Rise and Shine for the invite!
We were invited by Rise and Shine for a day of family fun. All views expressed are of our own.

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