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Ju Shin Jung Korean Charcoal BBQ [Kid' Friendly Restaurant Review]

Ju Shin Jung West Coast
Ever since our trip to Korea, Mummy had missed authentic Korean food. It has been quite a while since we had Korean food (with the exception of food court ) as Korean food does not exactly suit our youthful palates.

It was only recently Daddy discovered a Korean BBQ place know as Ju Shin Jung Korean Charcoal BBQ at West Coast that we revisited Korean food. Actually it was not the food that piqued our interest, but rather the 'special treat' within.

Our first dish came in the form of a mint like tablets. Since we never rejected an offer of sweets, we almost put the 'mints' into our little mouth. Luckily Daddy stopped us in time and said he would perform some magic before we eat.
He proceed to pour water over our mints.

'Mint' becomes towel- It's Magic
Behold ,our mints became hand towels. Thought we were amazed, we were a little miffed that our sweets disappear.
Nice one Daddy. Now change it back.

The Food
Before long, our side dishes arrived. We were a little skeptical if we could eat them, especially when they look so colourful.
The side dishes came complimentary with the main courses

Side dishes
The sides dishes consist of soup, carrots, seaweeds, vegetables, bean curb and not forgetting the signature Kimchi of Korean descent. They are refillable. In order to enjoy the side dishes, you need to order two sets of meat to BBQ. By the way the side dishes are refillable so eat all you want!

Before we start on the main course, we had a little appetizer, pumpkin cream soup.

For the main course, Mommy decided to order a mixture of Dakbulgogi (marinated chicken), Chadol(wagyu beef) Black Samyusal( black pork belly and an additional Chilli Beoljip (chilli pork belly).

Meat galore
The good thing about the place it that the waitress actually does the BBQing. They would grilled , cut and served the meat while we watched. If you ordered many varieties of meat, you may like them to slow down on the cooking while you savor each dish. We asked to cook 2 dishes at separate intervals.

Cook right in front of you
The meat taste much better when hot!

Cooking time
While the food gets cooked, we enjoyed our pumpkin soup. Free malt tea and water were also included.

In about 10 minutes, the food is cooked and we are ready to dig in.

Here are the selections of meat we had chosen. Looks yummy heh?
Wagyu beef 150g for $35

Pork belly 200g for $35

Black Samyusal
Marinated chicken 200g for $22

Technically we are the not meat lovers in the family, so mommy decided a bowl of Gaerantang $10(Steamed Egg) will be suitable. Do ask for a not spicy version as ours comes with a dash of chilli.

Mom did order a bowl of Daenjang $12( Kimchi pork soup) , which looks like spicy cabbage soup.

Ju Shin Jung is more expensive than comparable Korean buffet. Given the quality and the spread of the side dishes, the experience pays for itself.

Metal chopstick
Check out our dishes layout. There is no space on the table for anything else!

Time to eat
Dessert in the form of heart shape watermelon and some sweet refreshing juice was served.

Heart shape watermelon
The dessert is one of Little Lou favourite dish... Since he does not really enjoy BBQ food.

Dessert time
The Restaurant
We chosen the traditional seats for our dinner. The seats are located next to the windows. There were seating arrangements for 4 to groups of 8. It may not be so suitable for adults but we were certainly comfortable sitting around the table.

There are the normal seats as such. We were there early at about 6am on a Saturday. By 7 pm , the restaurant was crowded and there was a queue. Do make a reservation if you do not wish to be disappointed.

Now we save the best part for last. The reason why we think Ju Sn Jung is a great place for kids is because of this... a mini indoor playground!

Granted it is rather smallish , with 2 ball pits, a castle and a slide + old school mini amusement rides. Nevertheless we could not wait to dive in . We had a sneak preview before dinner.

The fun continues after dinner. It is not advisable to play after dinner, but we just could not resist.

The playground could be better equipped. The castle was a little mystery to us. There is a painting of Rapanzal and a few chairs, but little else within.

Do note the playground is open to children under 1.2 and no misbehaving allowed!

Our verdict
Overall the playground was a nice touch. Not many restaurants in Singapore can boost an 'indoor playground ' in the premises. As for the food, Mom and Dad were delighted with their meal. If not for the price, they would probably be here every other week!

Ju Shin Jun
#01-18, 27 West Coast Highway
Tel :64640872
Opening hours
Mon 6pm-11pm
Tues-Sun 12pm-230pm , 6pm-10pm

Sister outlets
#02-01 Leisure Court , 1018 East Coast Parkway
#01-01' Katong Junction, 451 Joo Chiat Road


  1. Ooh!! Your photos are making me so hungry for meat!!

    1. Haha... They are indeed as yummy as it looks !


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