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Legoland Malaysia Water Park Vs RWS Adventure Cove

Adventure Cove vs Legoland Water Park
By now , you would have known that there are 2 Water Parks around our backyard. RWS Adventure Cove (AC) is located in Sentosa while Legoland Water Park(LWP) is located in Nusajaya, JB Malaysia which is less than 30 minutes away from Singapore. Given the accessibility of these Water Parks to us, it would not be a surprise if one may decide to choose one over the other.

Ever wonder which attraction will win the battle of Water Park?

To have an overview of the attractions, do check out our review
RWS Adventure Cove
Legoland Malaysia Water Park
We would be assessing the Water Parks in terms of its attractiveness as a family outing. The results may surprise you!

For Younger Kids
Seahorse hideaway vs Dulop Splash Safari
Seahorse Hideaway (AC) vs Dulop Splash Safari (LWP)

There are attractions within both Water Park that caters to toddler. Seahorse hideaway is a padded pool that kids 5 and below would appreciate, while the same age group would be at home at Dulop Splash Safari.

The Dulop Splash Safari comes with slides and water play. While Seahorse hideaway allows toddlers a 'swim' in the pool under supervision.
Winner : Seahorse Hideaway (AC)

Toddlers will be safer at the Seahorse Hideaway due to the water height. It is more relaxing and parents can linger with the child in the pool for hours. Dulop may be more attractive with the 'rides' but it may be difficult to supervise younger kids in this enclose attraction

Big Splash vs Joker Soaker
Big Bucket Treehouse(AC) vs Joker Soaker(WP)

For the older kids, The Big Bucket Treehouse awaits at Adventure Cove while the Joker Soaker charm at Legoland.

Winner : Joker Soaker (LWP)

The Joker Soaker is huge! The numerous slides of various sizes would appeal to the older kids.
Adventure River vs Build a Raft
Adventure River(AC) vs Build a Raft(LWP)

Both are a journey around a lazy river. The Adventure river brings you to 14 landscape which includes underwater tunnel, lush jungle and mystery cave. Build a raft allows you to build creations on your float with the floating Lego while cruising down the river.

Winner : Adventure River (AC)

Build a river gives you a chance to have fun with Lego on the go. It comes with tandem floats which is good for a parent-child combination. However Adventure Cove edges out with its numerous wow experiences akin to a lazy ride around the amazon river. Visually it would be something you would go over and over again.

Bluwater bay vs Wave Pool
Bluwater Bay(AC) vs Wave Pool(LWP)
The waves at Bluwater Bay is much stronger compared to the Wave Pool. The Bluwater is more suitable for age 4 and up while the Wave Pool is great for 6 and under.

Winner : Draw

It depends, with younger kids, the wave pool would be an obvious choice. With older kids, the Bluwater will be a hit with older kids and parents.

For the older kids
The Water Rides
The Water Rides

What is a Water Park without Water Rides?
Both Water Parks have their own specialty Water Rides. The rides at RWS starts at 107 cm an above with most rides requiring a 122 cm limit. The rides from Legoland starts at 102cm onwards.

Winner : Legoland Waterpark

With a minimum height started at 102 cm, it means younger family members can take enjoy the rides. There are rides you can do as a family too. We think it is a good training ground to get the younger kids to expose to Water Rides.


Life jackets


Both Water Parks provide Life Jackets. Adventure Cove comes with more variety as it caters to adult. Nonetheless there is little need for floats for adults in Legoland.

Winner : Draw

Tan men with shades, the Lifeguard float, caps, long sleeve wet suits and whistles. Honestly it is hard to tell them apart and there are lots of them around both water park

Winner : Draw


Legoland Water Park comes with rented cabanas from MYR 150 onwards with free drinks and exclusive use of Safe deposit box. The cabanas are free at Adventure Cove and it is on a first come first serve basis.

Winner: Adventure Cove

There is a saying that 'best things in live are free' . We agreed with that!

Bay Restaurant Vs Beach N Brick Grill
Bay Restaurant vs Beach N Brick Grill

Both have meals under $10. The Bay restaurant is a shaded 2 storey building while the Beach N Brick Grill is an open shaded restaurant.

Winner : Bay Restaurant (AC)

Kids Meals

There are more seats and it is better shaded. The food at Legoland is a tad tastier and slightly cheaper, but there are limited seats and queues are forecast to be long. Meals can take as long as 1 hour plus at Legoland due to its limitations. Since we are here to play, meal time should be short so there are more time left for play!

Adult Meals
Admission Charges
  • RWS Adventure Cove
Adults : SGD 36, Child SGD 26

  • LEGOLAND Malaysia Water Park
Adults : MYR 105 (SGD 42), Child MYR 85 ( SGD33)

Winner : Adventure Cove

Adventure Cove is located at Sentosa. It is accessible within 45 minutes from any parts in Singapore. A trip to LEGOLAND can be unpredictable . With no traffic, it is a one hour ride. However on major holidays, a trip across the causeway can lead to jams as long as 2 to 3 hours. Planning is essential with a trip to LEGOLAND Water Park

Winner : Adventure Cove

Individual Attractions
This next section will focus on the individual attractions and charms of the different Water Parks

RWS Adventure Cove

Rainbow Reef
A unique experience where you can snorkel and swim with the fishes. In addition, experiences like Ray Bay, Star Trek Adventure and Shark Encounter are available for a fee.

Adventure Cove is well shaded with shelter and plants. In addition. seating is readily available throughout the Water Park. There is also a man made beach on site for you to kick back and relax.


Legoland has by far the prettiest models (Imho) of the non human kind. With over 70 new models on the Water Park, do keep a look out for them!
Imagination Station
Imagination Station
In addition, being a LEGO theme Water Park, you would expect opportunities to play with LEGO. Imagination Station allows you the chance to build your own LEGO structures.

Final Verdict

It is a tough fight between LEGOLAND Water Park and Adventure Cove. Both Caters to different needs within a family.

In terms of cost and convenience, RWS Adventure Cove edges out. For a family experience, we would recommend RWS Adventure Cove where there is something to do for everyone in the family. For a treat to the kids , especially primary school kids, LEGOLAND Water Park will be the destination of choice.

So which park would you choose?

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