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Teaching ABC to toddlers with Meadow Kids

TWD - Learning your ABC
Teaching ABC to toddlers is always a challenge parents face.

While the older boy exhibits a flair for language and memory at a younger age, the younger sibling had resisted the urge to learn the power of words. As he is almost 4 and entering into kindergarten where writing will be an essential tool to have, it does worry me on his progress and general disdain for learning.

When it comes to teaching ABC to younger kids, it is often a hit and miss affair. With my two boys, there are no fix formula when it comes to teaching them the alphabets. However if we do it systematically, more often than not, they would pick up a letter or two in their arsenal.

At ages 3-4 , it would be the best time for the little ones to start learning. This is the age group where they are inquisitive and absorb  information like a sponge.
Spell out your name
To learn a language , there are 6 stages which I think is essential. I am not a certified teacher nor an expert, so do correct me if there is a better method.
  1. Verbalising
  2. Visually recognition
  3. Writing
  4. Association
  5. Phonics
  6. Words Blending
This would be phase one, getting the little ones to recite alphabet. The best way to do it would be through the traditional alphabet song. It's an easy song with a tune that most children can manage. Sing it to the baby daily and it will eventually catch on with them.

Tip : Take a few videos featuring The Alphabet song and play them on a loop.
Visually recognising letters
Visual Recognition
Visual recognition can be done via flash cards. Regular exposure to such cards when they are younger would help them in the recognition. Flash cards works with my elder boy but the younger one was a little impatient to go through them.
Learn through play
Thankfully , Meadow kids from UK had send us their Alphabet Bath Sticker which is a fun way of getting the younger ones to recognise the letters. These bath stickers can be used during the bath time to add an element of fun during learning.

It is also useful on its own. With different colours and patterns, it should assist the younger one to recognise each word. In addition, the younger ones could use this to learning tracing of the Alphabet , which brings us to the next phase - Writing.

You can pick a set from Amazon
Tip : Spell their names with the letters, they would love it!

Write your name
After mastering reciting and visual recognition, we will move to the next phase, writing.
There is no definite age for a toddler to start writing. However when their motor skill allow, exposure to writing would be good. A good age to start writing would be able 4 as this is probably the age that they could hold a pencil effectively.

It is suggested to teach the Capital Letter first as it is easier to distinguish and write (Straight Lines vs curve)

Tip : Let them learn to draw first to master the motor skills.

Association with Meadow Kids Alphabet pocket chart
Once they are familiar with writing , you could begin associating words with the letters. This step could also be done during the visual recognition stage. I am sure many would remember
A is for appleB is for BallC is for Cat

Association helps them to recognise the letters too. Tip : make it fun, associate words that they would love. 

Example : L is for LEGO

We found the Meadow Kids Alphabet pocket chart useful in facilitating some of the stages of learning ABC. It comes with flash cards featuring the Capital letter and the small letter version of A to Z . There are corresponding illustration flash cards that can be use for the learning process.

This table top 'Learn and Play' is portable, making it ideal for home use as well as travelling. There are slots on one side for you to sort the words and a wipe clean area with pen to practise writing.

Meadow kids Alphabet pocket chart
Next on the list is Phonics. Phonics is a method of teaching reading and writing English. Phonics essentially teaches sound that each letter makes. This will enable beginner readers to decode new words by blending the sound of the letter together.

Tip : Use animal phonics to teach. It can help to memorise the sound easier

Words Blending
Forming of words
Once the basic is in place, it is time to form words with the alphabet. This would most likely come in the latter stages of a toddler development. Once that is mastered, they will be prepared to start reading their first book.
ABC tools from Meadow Kids
Make learning fun for your child. We find that learning through fun is the easiest way to teach children. In some cases , they might not even know that they were being schooled.

To add to the fun factor, take a peek at the products at Meadow Kids and see how they can work for you.

Have fun learning the ABC!

TWD was provided a set for review

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