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Best Places to watch National Day Parade Fireworks NDP 2014

National Day is coming in less than a month. This could only mean one thing, the season for Fireworks is upon us!

This year would mark the last year NDP may be celebrated at Marina Bay Floating Platform. With a new Stadium Ready for next year's Singapore 50th year birthday, this would probably be your last chance to catch the Fireworks around Marina Bay during National Day.

If you do not know, there are Fireworks for almost every week from July up to the actual NDP parade. So for those who do not have tickets to the event, fret not as there are plenty of opportunities to see the fireworks without the crowd. The Fireworks should start at 805pm and last for about 10 minutes. There is a short break in between , so do stay a little while for the spectacular finale.
Check out the fireworks timing as well as the top 5 spots to watch and photograph the NDP Fireworks
Get your cameras ready!

Combined Rehearsal 4 NE show 1 12 Jul 2014
Combined Rehearsal 5, NE show 2 19 Jul 2014
Combined Rehearsal 6, NE show 3 26 Jul 2014
NDP Preview 2 Aug 2014
NDP 2014 9 Aug 2014

1 ) One Fullerton
Fireworks from One Fullerton
Two years ago, we were able to catch the NDP Fireworks from One Fullerton. With a wide lens , you would probably be able to capture, MBS, Artscience Museum and Singapore Flyer into one shot!

2) The Promontory
View from Promontory @ Marina Bay
An alternate angle for Fireworks will be at the Promontory @ Marina Bay. It is a huge open space area directly opposite the Floating platform. Here you will be able to capture the Floating platform, Marina South hotels, Esplanade , Singapore Flyer and MBS in one shot.

View from The Lawn

3) Esplanade Rooftop
View From Esplanade Rooftop
This is probably our choice location to view the fireworks. However access may be restricted during some period. The alternative would be along the Esplanade walkway next to the Singapore River. We had our best Fireworks photograph from here!

4) Bay East Gardens - GBTB
View from Bay East
Our next recommendation is at Bay East Gardens @ Gardens by the Bay Located far away from the jostling crowds , it is a choice location for avid photographers to capture the magic of Fireworks over Singapore skyline. If you have a wider lens, you can squeeze in Gardens by the bay, MBS, Singapore skyline and Singapore flyer in one photo!

5) Gardens by the Bay
Fireworks from Gardens By the Bay
To get away from the crowds at Marina Bay, take a stroll to the Gardens by the Bay. Here you should be able to catch the fireworks in between the towering MBS. An added bonus is that you could catch Gardens by the Bay own lightshow - the OCBC Gardens Rhapsody from 745pm onwards. For best photos, take from the Supertree Groove, you should be able to capture the MBS and Supertrees in one frame. The downside is that the Fireworks will be the background instead of foreground.

Look up for Fireworks!
We hope you will enjoy the recommendations. Given that you have 5 more weekends before National Day, you might like to vary the locations for a different perspective of the Fireworks. There are also other less well known spots that could give you a different perspective of the Fireworks. Take a walk along Marina Bay to explore your options and if you are early, don't forget the Flypast too.

Do note most locations will be packed especially during the actual day fireworks, so do be there early to 'book' your space!

To beat the crowds, we suggest watching the fireworks during the rehearsal date. They are just as beautiful as the actual day fireworks

Source: Marina Bay

As for us, we will be attending our first NDP. Whoo Hoo!

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For best Fireworks photograph, we recommend the following
  • Use a tripod
  • Use a remote control
  • Set Camera aperture to F11
  • Use live or blub mode for better effect
Enjoy the Fireworks!


  1. dear wacky duo, thanks for the wonderful entry on this!
    just for info, on peak period like NDP or New Year Countdown, to get to Bay East Gardens by vehicle, it is best travel 2 hours earlier, due to the small road leading to it. People may not be able to reach in time as traffic become a standstill due to jam. Once we are trapped in the traffic just 30 to 40 mins before the fireworks due to this (we thought it will be best case scenario but we had actually missed out the worse case scenario).

    1. Hi there. Agreed with that. I remember being at Bay East on New Year Eve 5 yrs back and was stuck! However during rehearsals , especially the earlier ones, the traffic flow was quite manageable :)

  2. What time the fireworks start?

    1. Last year it was about 8pm, not quite sure about this year

  3. Dear Wacky Duo. What time do the fighter jets do the fly-by? Thank you.

    1. Not quite sure, but we did heard jets flying around the area at 630-45

  4. Hi. For the esplanade rooftop , is it at a restaurant or an open area?

    1. There are open area, however it may be close to public on actual day

  5. Where do you think would be the safe and best place to watch the fireworks this year

    1. If it is away from the expected crowds, it will be at Bay East. But be there early as there might be a jam. Bring a picnic mat + Mosquito Repellent!

  6. How about garden by the bay? Is the view good?

    1. Amongst the five, it has the smallest fireworks view due to the distance and the fact that MBS blocks some of the view.

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    1. This comment has been removed by the author.


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