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A to Z Guide to Club Med Bintan for Family

Club Med is famed for its all-inclusive holidays. From the moment you set foot on the Resort to the day you leave, you can be assured that everything is handled. From transfers to the Resort, meals, activities, accommodation and entertainment, everything had been planned carefully during your stay. As a family, we had yet to experience Club Med. Thus when the door knocked, we gleefully accepted the invitation to participate in Club Med Bintan. It was hard to resist a holiday that we did not need to plan months ahead for. It was refreshing to simply pack our bags and go!

Most travellers want to know what to expect in the Resort, so this A-Z guide to Club Med Bintan would be most beneficial.
Bintan Ferry
We start by getting you to Club Med Bintan to kick off the list. After that, it's a simple 2 steps process.

1 ) Take a Ferry from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal. You can book your tickets here.
Club Med Bintan Island
2) Look for the Club Med Bintan Island counter when you arrive. If you have booked transport with the Resort, it will be arranged to whisk you off to your dream holiday.

Note that ferries are not included in the package, while transfers are.

The long stretch of Beach just from the hotel is simply gorgeous. The water is clear, the sand is fine, and the Beach is clean. It could stand on its own against the regional beaches of Bali and Phuket. The plus point is that it is quiet, and everyone has space.
The Beach at Club Med is world-class. It may not be a private beach, but the primary access is from the Resort.
Sunrise at Club Med
It is also a great place to watch the sunrise if you wake up early. Loungers and parasols were provided. If you are thirsty, a beach bar serves up free drinks!

Club Med Bintan
Club Med Bintan
Club Med Bintan was established in October 1997. It has 1230 acres of land and a 27-hole golf course (optional extra).

You probably can't tell at the entrance, but there are acres of fun within its compound. Club Med is 15 minutes from Bandar Bentan Telani (Bintan ferry terminal).

The official address is as follows.

Phone: (62) 770 692 801Fax: (62) 770 692 826

Do everything or do nothing
Water aerobics
Club Med is well known for its organized activities for adults and children. For adults, try archery, water aerobics, beach volleyball, water polo, tennis, badminton, mini soccer, table tennis, windsurfing, kayaking, golf lessons, and more.
Water aerobics at Club Med
There are specialized activities for kids too. We had seen dance lessons, foam parties, and arts and crafts events tailored for the little ones.
Activities for kids
You can even choose to do some activities as a family. There are slots for families for archery, trampoline and mini soccer. Remember to check the activities schedule posted on Level One near the 24-hour Santai Bar.
Archery @ Club Med
If you prefer some quiet time alone, there is no stopping you. A quiet stroll along the Beach is just as inviting as the whirlwind of activities on the Resort.
Walk on Be Beach
Discovery Center
If you stay more extended and want to explore Bintan, the discovery centre will be the place to go. Located on level 4 near the entrance, you can book a trip to the Mangrove Swamp, a local fishing trip, Elephant Park or an Eco tour. Frankly, during our 4 days stay in Bintan, wanderlust disappears. After all, there is so much to do in the Resort itself!

You will step into paradise in Club Med Bintan if you are a foodie.
Main Course
Food is available from 7am to 9pm around the Resort. So pick from Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Indonesian and Western fare. The best part, most of them are free. Extra optional include lobsters, private dining and selected alcoholic beverages. We thought that whatever is provided is more than sufficient for our fill... Burp!
Kids meal
For those travelling with kids, you will be glad to know that Club Med Bintan is well aware of the children's exquisite taste for food. Spaghetti, nuggets, pizza, hotdogs and ice cream are found in most meals.
Kids are also given a 'balanced tray' to encourage them to choose food that gives them a balanced diet. But, of course, this meant a fuss-free meal with kids every time!
Gentil Organisateur (GO)
Warm Welcome by the GO
The staff at Club Med are known as Gentil Oranisateur, or GO for short. Before your arrival, you will be greeted by warm smiling and waving GO at the lobby.
These multi-talented crew not only ensure you have a great time at the Resort, but they also double up as entertainers. We had seen some staff hosting dinners, teaching aerobic classes, and performing circus act during an evening dinner. They are the ambassadors of Club Med Spirit and worthy of the title.
I am impressed with their outgoing personality and talent. Bravo, GO, Bravo.
The excellent GO
Gentils Membres
As for the guests, the GM (Gentils Membres), each one of them is treated like a special guest. I was surprised some GO could remember the boys' names even though they had only minimal interaction with them during the initial welcome.

Happy thoughts
You just want to forget your worries in a place like Club Med. So fill your head with happy thoughts, and memories will flow from your stay.

(All) Inclusive
At Club Med, your needs are well-taken care of. Its all-inclusive packages include transfers, meals, accommodation, activities and entertainment. You do not need to pay a single cent for water-sport activities such as windsurfing and kayaking or specialized activities such as archery and golf lessons. Free food and drinks are included. In addition, there are optional extras such as golf courses, massages and private dinners. During our stay, we have so engrossed with planned activities that we hardly needed the extras.

Everything is planned for you; you just need to pack your bags and be ready.

Jump for Joy, Live the Moment
The best way to enjoy Club Med is to live in the moment. Do whatever you fancy, and it would mean a wonderful experience. So after ye ars of planning for trips, I was glad I did not have to sweat the small stuff during this one.

Kids Club
Entrance to Kids Club

Club Med Bintan has 3 exclusive clubs for your little ones. There is the Petit Club Med, Mini Club Med and Juniors Club Med.

Petit Club is for children aged 2 to 3 and is an optional extra. The mini club is for ages 4-10, while the Junior club isClub ages 11-17 (Only available during school holidays)
Outdoor playground
The Petit and Mini Club is housed on level 4. There is an outdoor playground, swimming pool and air conditioning rooms for different age groups.
Swimming pool
Activities are arranged around the kids club. Lunch is also provided. The mini club is open from 9 to 530 pm 6 days ouClub 7. You can choose to pick your child anytime during this period.

The mini club is open from 9 to 530 pm 6 days ouClub 7. You can choose to pick your child anytime during this period.

Parents are given a schedule for the day, as activities will be held throughout the Resort.
Children's event @ Club Med
Parents are given a schedule for the day, as activities will be held throughout the Resort.

The kids who registered for the mini-club will get a mini-club diploma at the end of the stay!
La BoClubue
Shopping is limited to La Boutique and the Golf Pro shop. However, we stop at La Boutique is excellent for those who want a unique 45 or 88 branded Club Med merchandise. 45 stands for Club Med's 45th anniversary, while 88 is engraved based on the Chinese symbol for luck.

The Wacky Duo are in the picture for illustration only. They are not for sale at La Boutique.

Make your own activity.
If you need more activities in the Resort, make one yourself. It could be a swim in the pool, a run on the Beach or a game of bocce. During our 4 day stay in the Resort, we were totally occupied with things to do around us.

Night time entertainment
Bintan 2015
One of the best-kept secrets in Club Med is their evening entertainment.
You will be entertained every night, from extravagant circus acts in the pool to indoor comedy acts!
Circus Act in Bintan

Chef Parade
Every night brings a different form of entertainment. You will need help to anticipate what is coming up.

We watched rock impersonators from the talented GO,
Comedy night at the pool,
Comedy Night
to performances by the Little GM themselves.
GM in action.
The little GM had only one day to prepare, and they put up one cute performance, including an acrobatic act.
Little GMs
Open bars
Panorama Bar

There are 4 bars at Club Med Bintan.

Club Panorama, The Santai Bar, Matahari Bar and the Bagus Bar. Timings differ for each bar, so we suggest you check with the Resort.

View from Panoramic Bar

Sodas, fruit juice, hot drinks (coffee, tea, herbal teas, hot chocolate, cappuccino), local and international spirits, wines, alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, and local specialities.

Not all alcoholic drinks are free, so do check with the staff.
Matahari Beach Bar
There is even a corner for kids at The Santai Bar. Do check out the drinks selection meant for kids. Non Alcoholic, of course.
The Santai Bar
It is excellent when parent and child can share a drink together.
Photos - take loads of memories or let the club do it for you

Photo Memories from Club Med
Remember your camera! If you do, there are roaming Club Med photographers who may capture your moment of fun. Get the photos printed for a nominal fee.

Quick getaway
Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal
The total time it took from customs to the Resort is a mere 2 hours. Therefore, it is one of the quickest ways to vacation from Singapore!

The Waterfall
There are 2 main restaurants in the Resort. Dine at the Waterfall in the main building or the exclusive Terrace located at the Resort far end for late afternoon snacks and dinner. For dinner at the Terrace, book early at the Waterfall, as spaces are limited. The Waterfall offers a buffet-style dinner, while the Terrace provides a set menu for dinner.

Occasionally, there might be special nights where you can dine at the poolside and enjoy a performance from the GO.
Pool Side Dinner
Swimming pools

There are 2 main pools of different sizes in Club Med. So regardless of your choice, it is the perfect spot to get sun kiss.
There is another smaller pool at the Kids Club, which is only exclusively for kids. However, for family time, the main pool will be your destination.
Do note for towels, you will be given a card to bring along to exchange for a towel upon check-in. So don't bring them when you head to the pool.
Club Med Card for towels
Trapeze and Trampoline
Club Med is famous for its circus act. So GM is invited to be part of this circus adventure with daily swings at the Trapeze or jumps on the trampoline. I have tried the Trapeze, which is a lot more challenging than it looks!
Utopia ( Massage time )

Complete your experience with a trip to the Club Med Spa by Asmara, next to the Terrace.

The Sap menu is available here.

The view
Most of the rooms come with a view of the South China Sea. It is fantastic to wake up to the sound of waves.

Wifi is provided. If there is one flaw, it is the Wifi reception. It comes on and off at intermittent times. Still, it is sufficient for us to upload and update our Instagram.
We welcome the break from the virtual worldtotallowsw us more time to indulge in the Club Med Lifestyle.
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Speaking of Club Med Lifestyle, it will be one that will be difficult to duplicate in other resorts. Here you will be living in a village where everyone congregates in harmony. It is an X Factor that makes Club Med great!

Zzzz (Accommodation)
Club Med Bintan has 3 different accommodations to choose from. There are Deluxe, Club and Suite rooms.
Deluxe Room
The rooms come with connecting and non-connecting options. So if you are going with your children, remember to opt for the connecting rooms. Lastly, to add to the charm of Club Med, there will always be a little surprise in the form of towel art at the end of every room refresh. It is these little surprises that make a stay at Club Med special.
Little Surprise
Promotion :

Kids Stay Free!

Club Med is the perfect destination to be in this coming Holiday. The little ones will beam with delight this school break with a wide range of sports and leisure activities, child-friendly programs, nightly entertainment for all, and delectable dining options. The best part... they go for FREE with every paying adult. Price from $690.

Booking Period: By 30 June 2015Travel Period: Up to April 2016
Resorts: Bintan Island, Bali, Cheraing Beach, Phuket (Minimum 3 nights stay)
If you want to head further, join the Summer holidays package for a great offer! Adults from $690 and kids from $269

Booking Period: By 30 June 2015Travel Period: Up to April 2016
Resorts: Kain, Gulin (Minimum 3 nights stay)


Destinations: Sahoro, Japan; Yabuli, China; All Europe snow resorts
Booking Period: 30 June 2015
Travel Period: 1 December 2015 – 30 April 2016Enjoy up to 40% off per adult at Sahoro and Yabuli, 30% off per adult at Europe snow resorts
Visit www.clubmed.com.sg, http://clubmedski.sg, www.facebook.com/clubmed, or call 1800-258-2633 for more information.

The Wacky Duo was provided with a 4Days 3Nights experience in Club Med Bintan. Our A-Z guide is based on our experiences at Club Med Bintan. All opinions are our own.


  1. Hi, thumbs up for the wonderful post of Club med Bintan! It will be great if you may provide some info regarding "what to and what not to bring" during the stay at the resort. :) Highly appreciated.

    1. Hi Izaak
      That is easy... bring your swimwear, clothes on your back and some, suntan lotion and you are done!
      Anything else will be depending on your need.

  2. Hi! Thanks for the post! Been contemplating a Club Med holiday with kids but haven't done one with them yet :). Would like to know if it is a must to have 2 rooms if we are travelling with young kids ages 5&7? Also package are all inclusive but if we do not consume alcohol at all cost will still be the same I suppose hahah? Otherwise, I think the kids will enjoy the activities and programs there. Thank you!

    1. Welcome . You would probably need 2 rooms but best check with club med . Cost is the same regardless of drinks consume :)

  3. Do u know how early we need to reach to teneh merah ferry terminal before departure?

    1. It should be 1.5 Hours before departure . Best check here https://www.brf.com.sg/schedule-fares/ferry-schedule/

  4. if we did need money what currency would we need> are American dollars accepted? do we have to bus to the ferry from the airport?

    1. Best check with the staff . I do recall reading somewhere that Indonesia only accept rupiah


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