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Ninja 101 Workshop with LEGO Ninjago

Build Play Fun

 A disclaimer before we start this post.

The boys in the family , including yours truly are huge fans of Lego. The boys current favourite collection from LEGO is Ninjago. They probably have amass 4 or 5 sets of the series.
So if this post sounds bias, it probably is!

Training to be Ninjas
When the opportunity arose for a chance to train like Ninjas, I just had to enrol the boys in the workshop at the Build.Play.Fun.Event by Robinson at Raffle city.

With a Ninja master, the class got to learn various Ninja moves. The boys were a little apprehensive in joining the class. Little Lou decided that he would master the shealth mode of Ninja and hid in shadows to secretly follow the Ninja master move.
Spot the sheath Ninja
In truth, the boys are more keen to bust a move with LEGO Ninjago's latest offering , the NinjaoTM Airjitsu Spinner. Afterall it is a whole lot easier than a Ninjago workout session!
Lego Airjitsu Spinner
The Ninjago Airjitsu Spinner is an upgrade from the popular Ninjago spinner series. The Airjitsu can now fly in the air as well as spin on the ground. It features a buildable LEGO brick handle, vortex rotor, minifigure capsule and rip cord. It comes with a Ninjago minifigure too, featuring Kai, Jay, Cole, Zane, Morro and Wrayth.

It's no surprise that training with the Airjitsu is the highlight for the boys.

Training with the Airjitsu
You can get your set at the Build.Play.Fun.Event at Raffles City from now till 28th June. The item is also avaliable in most LEGO stores. However we think it is worth a visit down to Raffles City given the large amount of LEGO sets on sale. You would not want to miss this if you are a fan of LEGO.
While you are here, you might want to help Kai defeat Morro by joining the Ninjago Battle Dojo ( for kids under 15) 

More details of the event can be found here.
LEGO Mecca
As for the boys , they already have their eyes on a new Ninjago LEGO set!

Wacky Giveaway

Fancy a chance to have your own LEGO Ninjago Airjitsu?

  1. Submit your favorite ninja move of your child to the LEGO Facebook page ( with the hashtags #movelikeaninja #thewackyduo by 28th June. Be as creative as you can be and you stand to win one of the 3 sets of Ninjako Airjitsu for each blog.
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Need some help on what is a Ninja move ?
Perhaps this would help you to visualise
Or how about this?

Good luck!
Sponsored Disclaimer
The Wacky Duo were invited to a Ninja workshop to hone their ninja skills. In addition, they were provided LEGO Airjitsu to continue their training at home. No ninjas were hurt in the process.

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