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Now Showing : The Wind in the Willows

 What happens when you take a children literature and turn it into a mini musical filled with excellent singing and a different perspective to the original?

You will end up with The Wind in the Willows that is now showing at SOTA. Brought to you by ABA Production and Talking Scarlet, it promises an enjoyable tale of friendship and growing up.

The Synopsis of the story as follows

When Mole plucks up the courage to explore the Riverbank with his friend Ratty, nothing can prepare him for the adventure that awaits. Along with Badger and the irrepressible Mr Toad, the foursome career from one exploit to the next culminating in a battle not only to save Toad Hall, but their very way of life. This new adaptation captures all the wit and bonhomie of Kenneth Grahame’s original novel, and aims to bring the delights of this literary classic to yet another generation of children and a touch of showbiz to the Riverbank!
-Source Sistic,com

First the good points, the singing is fantastic by the cast of the critically acclaimed talking Scarlet. They would not be out of place in a big production musical. The tale of friendship is one would normally present a good learning experience for the younger ones. As an adult, I enjoyed the presentation and the change in delivery from a story I had known in my youth.

That said, this musical production would appeal more to the older kids and adults alike. If you have a child below 10 , bringing them the the musical may be a misfit. Firstly, the language used is not exactly child friendly. The musical lyrics are more Les Misérables than The Lion King . Moreover the stage setup requires alot of imagination that may be out of depth with the little ones. It's hard for a child to image Toad as Toad when there are no clear signs that he is one except for his name.

As someone who was familiar with the tale , this is a refreshing take. For a family with younger kids, it may be a tad much for them to comprehend. On the other hand, if your child is above 10. This would probably be a good introduction to musicals given the style and presentation.

The Wind in the Willows is now showing at SOTA with limited runs till 14 June.
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