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Now Showing : The Smurfs "Live" On Stage


La La La-La La La... Sing the Happy Song.

I grew up in the 80s. I remember every Sunday switching on the 20 inch telly ( yes they were that small back in the 80s ) and Smurfs will be showing. It was my weekly must see show. PaPa Smurf, Brainy, Smurfette and Gargamel are familiar names as I grew up watching their adventures. I still recall having a collection of those blue toy figures. As for The Wacky Duo, their encounters with Smurf was at a lesser extent, having watch the Smurfs movies and playing with Smurf toys from Mcdonalds Happy meal.

When we got wind that the Smurfs will be performing live on stage at RWS, we decide to Smurf ourselves an invitation for it. After all this is their first live performance on stage in Singapore.
Smurfs Live on Stage
Frankly I was a little apprehensive. From the photos, you would be forgiven that these are oversize dolls with humans in them, who just move about clumsily on stage. Seeing them live made my apprehension disappear. The Smurfs were rocking and grooving with their dance and song routines. As soon as we heard the first familiar note of la la la la la , we started swaying to the music.
What humans?

These are bona fide Smurfs coming alive on stage!

The synopsis of the show as follows

It's every Smurf's favourite time of year: Spring! Which means it's time for the annual Spring Parade. But which Smurf will be chosen as the Leader of this year's Parade? If Gargamel has his way, there won't be a parade at all. He comes up with a plan to trick Mother Nature, turn Spring off bit by bit, and catch the Smurfs in the process.

Will the Smurfs be able to save themselves? Will they save Mother Nature? Will they stop Gargamel from turning off Spring forever? Find out in this magical musical story where your favourite Smurfs are together, Live On Stage! 

We do not want to give much of this 1.5 hour show away. Nonetheless it was a cheery evening spend with the boys grooving to every beat. When Papa Smurf began to sing the Blues and a 40 year old man starts swaying to it, you know you have the audience hooked. If you were to judge the show by the boy's wide smiles at the end of it, you have a winner on hand!
The boys favourite character for the show is Grouchy Smurfs. He may hate everything but he has a caring soul. It shows that even the toughest one would have a soft spot.

The Smurfs Live on Stage will only run for a limited time from 12-14 June.Tickets are still available here.Tickets starts from $45.For tickets of $120 and $130, you will get an extra plush toy worth $50 per tickets.
The Little Details
The Smurfs Live on Stage
June 12-14
Resorts World Theatre, Resorts World Sentosa

Sponsored Disclaimer
The Wacky Duo were invited to the Smurf the opening show at RWS. No Smurfs were harm for this review.

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