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Living with Art : Art for your home


 A picture is worth a thousand words.

A painting that speaks to you will be priceless.

Art has always been a fixture in our house. It is the centerpiece that ties the room together. It is the accent to a plain room. It is the feature piece that completes a room decor. We are undoubtedly fans of arts. Thus when an invitation came to visit Living with Art @ Toa Payoh, we accepted in a heartbeat.

Art shopping
Coincidentally we were searching for an art piece to complete our bedroom. We decide to use this timely visit to choose the masterpiece for the room. Selecting the right piece can be daunting, so here are a few tips we would like to share when you are shopping for Arts.
Immersing in art
Choosing your style
With so many pieces to choose from at Living with Art , selecting the right artwork is challenging. Thankfully the spacious gallery at Living with Art is divided into different segments to cater to folks with different needs.
Decide on the style of art that will suit your theme and personality. Here are a few styles you can choose from.

Abstract Art
If you appreciate an artwork that does not rely on distinct visual reference, then abstract art should be on top of the list. These artworks are suitable for most rooms. It creates a personality base on your own. Colours can range from colourful to muted. Just let your imagination flow when it comes to choosing this art form.

Landscape Art
Nature is your playground. You love the sound of waves and the rustling of leaves. You feel at peace when you see waterfalls. You wish you are living in the forest.
If you have such thoughts, the landscape section from Living with Art will be the perfect place to search for that art that soothes your soul.

Floral Art
The Botanic Gardens or the Flower Dome are two of your favourite attractions in Singapore. You think petals are meant to give the world colours. If floral is your passion, just head to the floral section for your choice flower.

From sunflowers to tulips to roses, there is sure to be one that catches your eye.

Cityscape Art
There are city dwellers who love the modern skyscrapers or ancient historical buildings. They find the form familiar and beautiful. Sometimes in the course of travel, they would grow to love a particular monument or city view and would love to bring it home. Now they can do just that with artworks from the Cityscape section.

Feng Shui
Feng Shui
Some believe that Feng Shui plays a big part in creating harmony at home. For home with limited spaces or specific choices, Art with Feng Shui element will help create the balance needed for a harmonious room.

Living with Air has in house artist that can create that Feng Shui Art tailored to your personal needs (since Feng Shui is different for each person). Choose your size and your desired picture and they will create the one piece that will give the right 'chi'.

Seaside / Nature
Seaside art
In addition to the common theme, there are other themes you can choose from at Living with Art Gallery. Themes such as Seaside and Nature are available for you to browse through.

You can always go online to view at Living with Art website, though we think a visit to the gallery is worth it as you get to see the art up close. With a wide array of choices under one roof, choosing an art piece for your house would be an engaging process.

Choose art to match your walls
A splash of colours
Other than themes , do remember to colour coordinate your painting to the walls. Most colours would go with a white coloured wall ( with the exception of white itself) . Similarly look for a light colour scheme painting for a dark wall for that added contrast.

Choose arts that speaks to you
Tiger Boy
Naturally the art piece that is most appropriate would be the one that 'speaks' to you. If the painting is for your house, you would most probably look at it every day. Choosing a piece of art that you like would definitely add to the enjoyment of viewing it every day.

Decide between canvas or prints
At Living With Art, there are different choices of arts that comes in either canvas or print. Canvas has most textured and usually hand painted. Print arts are usually replica of pictures.

Print arts are a cheaper option compared to canvas with similar size prints going for a fraction of canvas art. If you find a print you like (such as a family portrait or wedding photo), Living with Art might even be able to customised it for you.

Shop for furnishings that fits the art 
Art Decor furniture
The look in your room can be completed with decor art furniture and accessories. Check out the selected pieces from Living with Art for inspiration.

Art shopping with kids
Abstract Art by thhe Wackies
Admittedly shopping for arts with kids can be challenging. It will probably take some time for one to select the right pieces. Thankfully the gallery at Living with Art has a spacious corner with ball pit and sitting places for children to 'entertain' themselves while you browse.

The Wacky Duo were sufficiently distracted for the parents to choose the art pieces for the rooms during our visit.

Look out for good deals
Discount for selected pieces
Who does not love a good deal?

If you are art shopping , whether in bulk or singular piece, sale is always a good thing. Look out for pieces that are on sale at Living with Art Gallery. If you are shopping for the whole house, you might like to work with them on a package deal for better value.

The final outcome
The bedroom
Thanks to Living with Art, we had 2 pieces of artwork sponsored for our rooms. We chose a canvas art and a print art from the nature section for the bedroom and toilet respectively.

The final outcome is a welcoming sight that brightens up the room.

Spa Bathroom

The Little Details

Living with Arts
Showroom : 998 Toa Payoh North , #03-21, Singapore 318993
Opening Hours : Mon -Fri 9am-8pm Sat/Sun 10am-7pm
Living with Art

Sponsored Disclaimer
The Wacky Duo were invited to the showroom for a review. All opinions are of our own.

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